Video Platform BridTV Offers Rich Ad Tag Macro Support

Extensive Macro Support

Fully supporting basic macros such as: [page_url], [video_title], [video_tags], [description] and so on, BridTV also includes an impressive variety of macros to help you optimize your ad tags.

GEO Macro Support

These GEO macros make your ads more effective by further customizing your ad campaign, essentially bringing you closer to your target audience.


Will be replaced with the IP address of the viewer.


Will be replaced with a viewer’s Geo latitude value.


Will be replaced with a viewer’s Geo longitude value.

Privacy & Data Support

In an effort to comply with major data protection and privacy regulations worldwide, Brid.TV has created specific macros for clients, specifically those who rely on European and USA-based traffic.


A flag for European Union traffic consenting to advertisements.


A consent string passed from various Consent Management Platforms (CMPs). This macro must be used in conjunction with the [gdpr] macro.


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is an act that enhances the privacy and consumer protection rights of California residents.

Dynamic Macros


With Brid Player we also offer highly efficient dynamic macros. Setting up a Brid dynamic macro object on your page is very straightforward. Detailed instructions on how to add an ad tag URL are available via the BridTV Developer Guide.

Extra Macros Are Available

The following macros are also available. Check it out:


Will be substituted with the session ID of a user.


Will be replaced with comma separated tags of the video.


Will return 1 or 0 depending on if the player autoplays or not.


Will be replaced with the browser user agent.


Will return 1 or 0 depending on if the player is in view when your ad tag gets called.