Android SDK Google Certified BridTV Video Player
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March 12, 2019
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March 25, 2019

BridTV Android SDK – Google Certified

BridTV has come a long way and has just expanded its vast array of features by including an Android SDK (Google Certified). We’re constantly stepping up our game, giving our video technology plenty of room to evolve, so we can unlock even more outstanding features for publishers.

You can now fully utilize our Brid player and all its monetization options inside your Android app all with the assurance that it has been certified by Google, so you have no worries in running your Google ad stack through the player.

Utilizing Android SDK unwraps and widens your specter in terms of ad optimization and performance on mobile, thus giving more power to your own, in-house Android apps. The vital component of any monetization plan isn’t just having a foolproof strategy in place, but knowing how to implement it and being prepared to spring into action when the time is right. That’s where BridTV comes in.
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If you have your own Android App and are keen to use video monetization, we’ll fully support and help you improve your effort even further seamlessly, with our Android SDK player. This integration effectively leads to significantly better monetization and an overall polished Android-powered business model especially if your ad stack consists of Google ADX or Google AdSense for Video.

Keep in mind that our Android SDK does not only cover Google ad products. We meticulously plan and implement our tech so that it is compatible with any ad product. To put it simply, we give the tools you need to monetize your content the way you want to with the minimum hassle.

Powered by iOS SDK, Just Around the Corner

Apart from our Android mobile SDK, we are working on the implementation of our brand new iOS SDK, which should be available in Q2 2019. As with its predecessor, we’ll also make sure it’ll be Google Certified, so you have a piece of mind when applying it into your own iOS app.
Keep an eye on the BridTV blog for additional information, news and updates regarding our future iOS integrations and a variety of ad solution that’ll help you streamline your online business and expand and realize your ambitious video monetization strategy.

To get your hands dirty right away, you can download our Android SDK right here (example), which consists of everything you need to get started. The repository contains examples for usage so you can get up and running quickly and efficiently, but you can also find some basic usage help in our developer section here.

If you do come into any problems or need any help during your implementation process, we have our dedicated support crew ready to give you assistance by just sending us a simple support ticket here – and if you see something that our SDK is missing and need some additional functionality, we are always open to suggestions and will do our best to add them in a future iteration or update of the SDK.

We are really excited to see what you will build with our new SDK and can’t wait to see some examples live!