Banner Fallback With BridTV Any-Ad, No Loss of Revenue

Any-Ad™ Intelligent Banner Fallback

Experience a 100% unique ad format, which simplifies and improves your monetization process, is easy to use and has top-notch functionality.

100% Revenue Increase With Banner Fallback

While publishers rely on banners as a solid means of revenue, instream and outstream fill rates are tough to achieve and they are rarely at 100%. This is where our Intelligent Banner Fallback, Any-Ad™, comes in. Any-Ad™ backfill allows you to easily monetize with no loss of revenue, even when there is no video ad.

Analytics & Viewability

No matter what kind of package you opted for, every aspect of your monetization funnels through BridTV's comprehensive analytics engine. This means you can also track banner performance within the BridTV CMS. Viewability is also the name of the game here. Our Video Player was designed to be viewable, which means that your banners will also be viewable.

Support for More Than Just the 300x250 Format

One of the greatest advantages of Any-Ad™ is that it supports a vast range of banner formats (Google Ad Manager 360 passbacks included). Bear in mind that the system runs across all devices, browsers and operating systems without any limitations. Additionally, the Banner Fallback is incredibly simple to implement - just copy-paste the banner code into your player and you're done.

Any-Ad™ and Sticky Player Combo

Apart from guaranteeing no revenue loss, Banner Fallback also works in conjunction with our groundbreaking HTML5 Video Player. Complex implementations such as Sticky Player and similar facets can easily lead you to a steady revenue stream and properly optimized monetization platform.

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