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Best Gaming Console Commercials — Our Top 10 Picks

best gaming console commercials

In our previous two top 10 lists, you’ve had an opportunity to check out our picks for the best video game trailers of recent years and top cinematic video game trailers of the early 2000s. Today, we bring you something a bit different. To celebrate the release of the two latest next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, we decided to take a look at some of the best gaming console commercials throughout the years!

But before we start, we should mention that we didn’t rate our picks in any particular order. We just decided to feature some of the most iconic gaming console commercials, starting from the older gen devices toward the newer. Also, all of our picks are entirely subjective and are in no way an objective representation of the commercials’ quality. So if you

So if you’re a hardcore console enthusiast, particularly if you still have fond memories of your first Atari, join us on our trip down memory lane! Grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

10 Best Gaming Console Commercials

Here’s a quick overview of the consoles whose best commercials we’re going to feature:

Let’s get right into the thick of it!

Sega Saturn

Might we say that this ad is one of the best in the entire history of gaming? More precisely, the whole series of Sega Saturn ads that feature Segata Sanshiro man is one of the best marketing ploys ever

This gaming console commercial has it all — a master of martial arts, over-the-top absurdity, and a catchy stereotypical catchphrase in Japanese that sounds as if it came straight out of an anime! If this ad had aired a few years later, it would have earned itself an iconic meme status. Unfortunately, it was a little ahead of its time in that regard, and it was only ever aired in Japan. That is highly unfortunate, for we firmly believe it would have seen some great success abroad, even years back.

PlayStation 1

This ad for the original Sony PlayStation has quickly gained cult status after airing. It communicates a unique point of view on fantasy in a down-to-earth and serious tone. And since it is a commercial for one of the most significant revolutionary devices in recent gaming history, it brought a lot of novelty with it at the time. This ad continues to speak to gamers all around the world to this day, and its message now might be more potent than ever!

Nintendo GameCube

How should we describe this commercial? Let’s give it a shot:

  • Cheesy
  • Funky
  • Creepy
  • Edgy
  • Freaky
  • Absurd

We admit — it does sound highly contradicting, but just look at it! And no, we don’t judge it for it; we actually love it! It’s a perfect blend of sci-fi and surrealism — everything a gaming console commercial needs, right?

PlayStation 2

This ad is a real satirical gem! And the product in question is not the selling point here. In reality, this advertisement could pass as a commercial for virtually anything. We don’t want to spoil your first-time experience, so make sure to watch it — you won’t regret it!

Xbox 360

Here we have another hilarious masterpiece! Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, this gaming console commercial never saw the light of day during its time as Microsoft never aired it. Thankfully, it appeared again on YouTube years later so we can enjoy its genius today. This funny large-scale finger-pistol gunfight is both goofy and incredibly entertaining, enhanced even further by the music. Overall, this commercial looks as if it came out of a sitcom, and you all know how popular those are!


Do you remember how huge Wii was when it came out? Because we sure do! This ad, unlike some of our previous entries, takes a more practical approach. The commercial showcases a variety of Wii games and how to use the console. The clarity with which it displays all the device’s features is impeccable, and it is further enhanced by the joyful faces of the people playing it. We believe this ad is the perfect blend between practical and commercial, which earns it a highlight on our list.

PlayStation 3

We admit; we cheated a little here. But we just couldn’t settle for a single ad here! You’ll have to forgive us, but these examples are exceptional. All of these Kevin Butler ads for the PS3 $299 sale, and they are absolutely out of this world! Kevin Butler was even considered PlayStation’s mascot at the time because of these commercials. We wholeheartedly recommend you watch this video through to the end as there are some real gems in there!

Wii U 

OK, this ad is extremely straightforward but highly effective. The moment it starts and the dubstep music kicks in, it’s in high gear! Gameplay showcases, narrator disclosing the device’s features, a futuristic neon-lit environment — it’s all there. All of this creates a short but sweet commercial that users worldwide adored (unlike other ads of its era). So if you ever wish to film a direct and simple but effective commercial, return to this killer ad for some inspiration!

PlayStation 4

Oh, boy. This gaming console commercial is a bomb in so many ways! First of all, the slow-paced, serene song does not fit the action-packed combat and driving featured in this ad. That creates a contradicting but ingenious absurdity surrounding the entire ad. 

There are three primary scenes in the commercial, each representing a different scene — a duel between two warriors, a modern professional race, and a futuristic battle between two armies equipped with weapons similar to those you can find in Star Wars. The live actors that participate in all three scenes make this ad even more compelling as they emphasized the power of realism that the console can deliver. 

Aside from that, probably the best part of this ad that you’ll be able to guess what it’s advertising the moment it starts without having to wait for the big reveal at the end!

Nintendo Switch

The last console commercial on our list is one of the most practical ones so far. However, that doesn’t impact its punch at all! The uplifting music is followed by a real-life demonstration of all of the device’s features and uses through a series of everyday events. There is nothing special about this commercial — just pure, simple, and effective Nintendo Switch showcase. And that is probably what makes it so memorable!

Next-Gen Baddies

Since we mentioned our reasoning behind writing this article, there’s no better way to end it than to showcase the latest next-gen consoles we’ve all been eagerly waiting for! Let’s take a look at these two beastly devices!

PlayStation 5

To all of you who haven’t yet gotten your hands on Sony’s latest console, we feel for you! PS 5’s launch has unfortunately been a disaster due to the widespread scalping problems. So if you haven’t gotten yourself one yet, we wish you luck! Either way, the market is sure to stabilize soon enough, so patience is key here.

When it does, you’ll be able to get yourself a PlayStation 5 for $499 or PlayStation Digital Edition for $399! If you ask us, that is a killer deal for a brand-new generation of gaming systems. It appears Sony has been quite generous this time, considering all the novelties this next-gen console brings!

Now for the specs and features! Here’s what you can expect from this beast:


  • 4K games at 60 FPS
  • Up to 8K resolution
  • Up to 120 FPS
  • Fast-loading SSD
  • Ray tracing


  • CPU — 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5 GHz
  • GPU — 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23 GHz, RDNA 2 architecture
  • RAM — 16 GB GDDR6
  • Storage — Custom 825 GB SSD
  • Expandable Storage — NVMe SSD slot
  • Optical Drive: 4K Blu-ray drive

It looks fantastic, doesn’t it? Check out this article from TechRadar if you want a more extensive overview of PS 5’s specs.

Xbox Series X

Similar to Sony’s PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X’s launch has been plagued with scalping problems, though to a lesser extent. So if you haven’t managed to get your hands on a PS 5, you might have more luck with Xbox Series X!

As for the console’s price, it is also $499! Despite 2020 being a tough year for most of the world’s population, it seems that gamers have been particularly lucky with some of the best next-gen console deals to date. And don’t worry; Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is a worthy competitor to Sony’s PS 5 in the specs department.

Now let’s take a closer look at this console’s features! Here is a quick overview of Xbox Series X’s specs:


  • 4K visuals at 60 FPS
  • 8K and 120 FPS support
  • Ray tracing
  • Near-instant load times
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Dynamic latency input


  • CPU — 8-core AMD Zen 2 at 3.8 GHz
  • GPU — 12 TFLOPs, AMD RDNA 2 architecture
  • RAM — 16 GB GDDR6
  • Storage — 1 TB custom NVMe SSD
  • External Storage — USB 3.2 external HDD support
  • Optical Drive — 4K UHD Blu-ray drive

Xbox Series X console is undoubtedly a worthy adversary to Sony’s PlayStation 5! Check out this article from TechRadar if you wish to take a look at a more extensive overview of this device’s specs.

Hope You Liked Our Choices!

We hope you liked our highlights of the best gaming console commercials! Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the new PS 5 and Xbox Series X devices if you haven’t already? Which one do you prefer? Will you consider getting both? Let us know your thoughts on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!