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Brand Your Video Player For More Reach and Engagement

When striving to make a mark in the contemporary digital landscape, it’s safe to say that utilizing video is without a doubt the fastest way to engage audiences. Sure, written content and text, in general, is still a pretty powerful tool to get your message out, but it must be said that nowadays people still prefer visual content vs. text. In today’s online world, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising, a majority of businesses just stick with video. Video isn’t just a way to reach an audience, but a powerful means to promote and talk about your brand.

With the help of the video, you can spread the word about your product, as well as your brand. But there are many subtle ways to do this and many tools to help you achieve brand recognition.

[bctt tweet=”85% more likely to purchase a product after seeing it in a video, as opposed to reading about it. Having a customized #videoplayer helps your brand even more.” username=”BridTv”]
It is also interesting to know that posts containing images generate 650% higher engagement than posts that only have text. In addition, recent research has shown that people are 85% more likely to purchase a product after seeing it in a video, as opposed to reading about it. In fact, posts that are accompanied by video tend are three times more likely to be shared than text-only posts.

Build Your Video Player Around Your Brand

When you structure your brand around the video player, there’s no doubt you will significantly improve customer satisfaction. You get to decide just how unique and cool your video player can look, thus enabling your customers to make a more personal connection with your brand. This will eventually lead to better, more personalized and more memorable customer experiences, which in turn leads to greater engagement.

Concentrating on reach and engagement means you’re focused on keeping the attention of your audience. You need to make them come back and make them hungry for more. The branded video experience is a sure road to better engagement. As soon as you’ve created the kind of video player appearance that is in harmony with your own video marketing strategy.

Customize Your Video Player to Suit Your Business Needs

BridTV can help you with fine-tuning your own brand via the use of a video player, you can take the time to create your own custom-tailored skin. It’s very straightforward. The video player allows you to color of the skin thus giving you a familiar the look and feel that your brand needs. Meanwhile, you have the freedom to tailor and customize the appearance on your own. Also, breathing new life into your video player is sure to transform and reinvigorate your brand. To obtain official custom made Brid skins are available, just take the following steps:

  • Navigate to your PLAYERS section in Brid.
  • Select any of your players by clicking on its title.
  • Navigate to the COLORS & SKINS section.
  • Select one of the many pre-made official skins.
  • Press SAVE.

Utilizing video player branding paves the road for premium user experiences and best of it can be achieved across all devices with using standards-compliant video customization technology via BridTV Player. By submitting your request for a professionally designed video player skin, you will indeed be able to receive the kind of branded video player you need for your business to thrive. The design will be implemented with unique HTML5 Framework tech that’ll help you carry your identity in all embeds.

You can share and send any requests and ideas. To use one of the official custom made BridTV skins please follow these steps:

Navigate to your ADD PLAYER section in Brid.

Then go to COLORS & SKINS.

Here you can go with official DESIGNER MADE skins.

Or you can select and custom-define your own COLOR.

Why not give BridTV a try since no other video platform offers such advanced options for your video player as we do.

Your brand will be recognized everywhere in a giffy!