Brid.TV 5.8.9. Platform Update — Bug Fixes and Platform Maintenance
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Brid.TV Platform Update 5.8.9. — Bug Fixes and Platform Maintenance

Brid.TV Platform Update 5.8.9. — Bug Fixes and Platform Maintenance

Dear publishers, it’s been a while since our last platform update, but our dev team is working hard to bring you new features! In the meantime, we’ve released our brand-new 5.8.9. update that will solve certain bugs and introduce quality of life changes. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy all of them!

More updates and features will come your way soon!

Full 5.8.9. Changelog

Here’s a complete list of changes and fixes that came with the 5.8.9. update:

  • Massively improved our video booster option to show more relevant videos when enabled.
  • Added SCHAIN support for Amazon prebidding.
  • Added support for custom translation options for various errors that the player can show in case of one.
  • Added an option in our Analytics API so you can exclude certain ad tags when grabbing analytics data. This helps if you are pulling a summarized report from our API but want to exclude data from certain (test) VAST/VPAID ad tags.
  • Added an option for sticky players so you can change the position of the unsticky/close button to a corner of your choosing.
  • Added a way to easily deselect an entire continent on all GEO fencing areas of the platform.
  • Added timezone information on the edit video screen for video publish times so users know under which timezone these rules work by.
  • Added minor optimizations for grabbing snapshots and thumbnails from videos, so this process should be faster now.
  • Added mobile width and height settings on the player level so you can set different sizes for your player between desktop and mobile devices.
  • Fixed a newly introduced bug by iOS 15 where a video would playback the sound with a black screen visible only. This would happen on autoplay implementations only on mobile Safari.
  • Fixed a minor bug where if you would create a new snapshot on the video level, when trying to save, on occasion the request would be discarded.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the latest IMA SDK release where banner fallbacks would not work depending on the load sequence. 
  • Fixed a minor bug in certain sticky player implementations where the player when returning from a sticky position would not get its expected size.

If you have any questions regarding the update or need any support, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!