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Brid.TV Anniversary – A Unique Opportunity for Publishers

bridtv anniversary

Proudly celebrating the Brid.TV anniversary, we are happy to give publishers even more opportunities to improve their monetization. If you are new to the Brid.TV video management system and video ads platform, you are in luck. Restructuring your online business and formulating a new strategy for the year ahead is always a smart move. Cutting costs and getting a better deal can be a solid starting point to ensure rapid growth. Having our high-end video platform by your side will unlock unique advantages.

Now is the Time to Join the Brid.TV Video Platform!  

Brid.TV has built a name for itself thanks to an increasing number of high-profile clients. Our goal is to allow publishers to expand and streamline their online businesses with a simplified system of video monetization. You are mere clicks away from grabbing this special offer from Brid.TV. 

The Brid.TV Special Anniversary Offer is your chance to setup a New Brid.TV Account.

That’s it. You are all set. You now have an account with Brid.TV and because it’s our anniversary, we offer you a One-Year Account for $50 monthly subscription, as well as the following benefits: 

  • 1TB of monthly bandwidth 
  • Unlimited encoding 
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Unlimited video plays  
  • Unlimited ad impressions

These awesome advantages are yours for the entire year. After that you can easily setup an account according to your preferred pricing model.

Important noteThe Brid.TV Anniversary Special Offer is for new accounts and new publishers only.  

Check Out More Benefits at Brid.TV 

We invite you to have a gander at other benefits and innovations that are also part of the Brid.TV video platform:

Most publishers working with us over the years have turned Brid.TV into the cornerstone of their online business plan. That’s simply because it’s easier to structure your video monetization if you have the Brid.TV HMTL5 player by your side. 

Brid.TV in the News 

Our platform continues to evolve. Before you head off to discover the Brid.TV Anniversary deal and goodies, we invite you to check out some of the latest news stories about Brid.TV’s state-of-the-art video tech: