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February 19, 2020
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BRID.TV at DIGIDAY Publishing Summit Europe 2020

The beautiful city of Dubrovnik was the host of this years’ DIGIDAY Publishing Summit Europe held from March 2-4. Dubrovnik Palace, the hotel with a stunning view and great surroundings, accommodated almost 200 participants from all over the world, mostly from Europe and the USA.

As we have already announced, BRID.TV team was among them, as well. 

Start your journey with us!

For three days many talks, lectures, discussions and panels were held. People from the industry had a chance to see and hear what to expect in 2020 and years to come, while also having an opportunity to connect with fellow colleagues and stakeholders from other companies. Focus groups were organized to discuss important issues and possibly resolve them. 1 on 1 meetings presented the opportunity for everyone to find new prospects or reconnect with the old ones, sparking possible collaboration in the future.

Our company was one of the main partners of this years’ conference through the official sponsorship of Drinks Reception on both the first and the second day of the event, among other things. Of course, this was the perfect opportunity for BRID.TV to present itself and for our five-member team to chat with the others, introducing our company and product to the masses.

Have a breather!

We would like to thank everyone who participated, DIGIDAY for organizing the event despite the difficulties and we hope that everyone had a nice time during our Happy Hour. If you didn’t have a chance to be there, but would like to connect with us and discuss how you and your company can earn more and worry less while using our solution, get in touch! You will be surprised by everything we have to offer.