Brid.TV Joins IAB Serbia: Growing the Digital Market Together
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December 24, 2020

Brid.TV Joins IAB Serbia to Grow the Digital Market Together

IAB Serbia

Since its inception, Brid.TV has been working on transforming the digital market with each new feature and innovation. Our publishers and content creators have access to a state-of-the-art video platform where they can host, manage, and monetize their video content.

Getting Brid.TV to where it is today has been possible thanks to our team and partners. We are especially proud of our partnerships with industry experts who share our commitment and dedication to the digital market.

That being said, we have some exciting news to share today!

Brid.TV has become a member of IAB Serbia! We’ll reveal more about this membership in this article.

Let’s start!

What Is IAB Serbia?

Interactive Advertising Bureau Serbia is an advertising business organization whose main goal is to support the growth and development of both digital and interactive marketing in Serbia. It looks to provide education and market transparency to all interested parties. Not only that, but the organization also communicates IAB Europe’s values in Serbia.

Furthermore, IAB Serbia strives to become involved in all digital and interactive matters in the country. With our partnership, we believe that together we can change the industry for the better!

IAB Serbia’s Goals

Apart from providing education and market transparency, IAB Serbia works towards numerous other goals as well. These include:

  • Promoting the digital industry to the general public, highlighting its possibilities and benefits
  • Establishing and proposing online advertising standards
  • Taking steps to resolve industry-related issues
  • Increasing digital ad spend within the total media ad spend in Serbia

We are confident that Brid.TV and IAB Serbia will achieve these goals together!

Brid.TV and IAB Serbia: Expanding the Digital Market Together

From early December, Brid.TV is a member of IAB Serbia, joining numerous companies that sit on the board with the aim of improving and growing the digital market. We are proud that IAB Serbia noticed our efforts and found that Brid.TV can help the organization accomplish its objectives.

For years now, Brid.TV has been working on our video platform, offering advanced solutions to publishers and content creators who want to grow their business and reach a wider audience. We are also focused on the online advertising industry and our team is constantly developing features that will help brands earn a steady profit by way of video.

All of our features and solutions have made Brid.TV stand out in the industry as one of the leading companies. We are sure that we will improve and expand the digital and interactive market in the country together with IAB Serbia and its members!

We can’t wait to see what this membership will bring to the industry in the future!