Brid.TV Platform Update 5.5.5. — Prebid Booster and Banner Fallback
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March 8, 2021
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March 10, 2021

Brid.TV 5.5.5. Update — Prebid Booster, Prebid Banner Fallback, and More platform update 5.5.5.

Ever since our last platform update, our dev team has been working diligently on some long-awaited features. We’re proud to announce they’re finally here! The 5.5.5. platform update comes with a few novelties that will help publishers boost their ad revenue and scale their advertising efforts!

Let’s see what changes the 5.5.5. update brings to the table!

Seamless Implementation of Custom JS Straight from the CMS

One of the long-awaited quality-of-life features is finally here! As of this update, publishers can now access the player’s event system straight from the CMS and perform various custom JS implementations straight from the player edit screen.

Using custom code outside of the player is a thing of the past! Publishers can now perform custom JS implementations without any advanced coding.

Improve Fill Rates With the New Prebid Booster

Our brand-new Prebid Booster feature will help publishers get the most of their header bidding efforts, particularly for longer page sessions. What is the Prebid Booster, and how does it work? It’s quite straightforward:

  1. When configuring prebidding in the player’s Monetization section, publishers can now opt to force prebid calls to improve fill rate.
  2. Once this option’s selected, publishers can now set the desired time frame between ads in the box below. cms screenshot force prebid calls to improve fill rate

Doing these two things will direct the player to continue bidding in the background even after playing the first ad. After the designated time expires, the player will call for the winning bidder (if there is one) and play another ad. If there is no ad eligible to play at that time, the player will keep bidding until it finds one. This process can continue indefinitely.

The best way publishers can leverage the Prebid Booster feature is with outstream video ads. More often than not, readers will stick around your website long enough to view multiple ads if you decide to use this method. All you have to do is set up this feature, sit back, and watch the ad revenue trickle in!

Note: If you include a display banner code on the player level with this feature enabled, the player will show a display banner ad while it’s bidding in the background, maximizing your revenue. The banner will be replaced with another video ad once bidding is complete.

Maximize Ad Revenue With Outstream Banner Fallback

As of this update, we’ve introduced banner fallback support for both in-content and in-slide outstream units. If publishers’ linear ad calls come up empty, the outstream player will now fall back to a display banner, leaving no inventory unused.

Full 5.5.5. Update Changelog

Here’s a complete list of all changes and new features that came with the 5.5.5. update:

  • Added support to hook into the player’s event system right from the CMS and do custom JS implementation right from the player edit screen without using custom code outside of the player.
  • Added support for prebid repetition to set the player to repeat prebids at a set interval to improve ad performance.
  • Added support for both in-content and in-slide outstream units to fall back to display banners if your linear ad demand comes up empty.
  • Added an option to show display banner code while your player is prebidding in the background for incremental revenue increase.
  • Updated our DFP ingestion video feeds to be in sync with the new setup that Google requires for video ingestion into Google Ad Manager.
  • The player now has separate logic for GDPR and CONSENT macros, so they don’t need to be used together anymore.
  • Added a new configuration field for setting up prebids so that you can now set up custom variables that should be used with prebid like userSync, etc.
  • Added notification emails for carousels that fail, so you can now be informed if a video carousel unit fails to sync by email. You can find this configuration on your user settings page.

Do you have any questions or need help with anything regarding the update? Send us an email or submit a ticket, and we’ll get back to you promptly!

Enjoy the new features!

The Brid.TV Team