Brid.TV 5.6.8. Platform Update — Custom Sticky Player and More
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Brid.TV Platform Update 5.6.8. — Custom Sticky Player and More platform update 5.6.8.

Dear publishers, it’s been a few weeks since our last platform update, but more novelties and features are finally here! This week, our team has prepared a few handy features like a custom sticky player, improved GEO targeting for videos, and more.  

Let’s see everything that the 5.6.8. update brings to the table:

Custom Sticky Player

We’re excited to announce that publishers now have access to our brand-new custom sticky player feature. This feature allows users to set a custom HTML element to make their sticky player stick to it instead of appearing in one of your site’s corners. That way, publishers can maximize their player’s visibility by attaching it to a more prominent element on the website.

Setting up this feature is pretty straightforward, and you can do it in a few simple steps:

Step 1. Navigate to the Players section, and select one of your players (or add a new one).

bridtv cms screenshot

Step 2. Choose the Make player sticky option, and add your custom HTML element in the Position sticky in element box.

bridtv cms screenshot

That’s it. It’s as simple as that!

Other Features

Aside from the custom sticky player, there are a few other notable features that came with the 5.6.8. update.

Publishers can choose to use a page’s featured image as their video’s starting snapshot using the og:image tag. Publishers can access this feature by navigating the following path: 

Players -> Select a Player -> Settings -> Options -> Use og:image/featured image as snapshot.

bridtv cms screenshot

Aside from the above, we’ve introduced some handy improvements to our video GEO targeting system. As of this new update, playlists will no longer play videos to users in whose countries these videos aren’t available.

Full 5.6.8. Update Changelog

Here’s a complete list of changes, additions, and bug fixes that came with the 5.6.8. update:

  • Added a new sticky player option with which you can set a custom HTML element and have your player stick to it instead of the player choosing a corner of your site.
  • Added a friendly iframe wrapper when implementing header bidding with Amazon publisher services so that two different implementations of the same service do not clash on a single page.
  • Added an option to the player to use a page’s featured image from the og:image tag as its starting snapshot.
  • Improved the way our playlists handle GEO targeted videos so that they are removed from the feed if a user is on a GEO where a video is not available.
  • Added a custom parameter to the player’s embed code which allows you to disable the automatic language translation service of our player.
  • Fixed a minor issue where on certain occasions where you could not edit a livestream successfully.

Do you have any questions regarding our latest update or need help with anything? Feel free to contact us at any time!

The Brid.TV Team