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March 12, 2020
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March 20, 2020

BRID.TV Playlist widget loves (to) React!

We are determined to cater to the needs of publishers, as they work hard to optimize and improve their respective online businesses. We have already started to implement react, based on the needs of our publishers and our own determination and product roadmap. Now the time has come to let you know that we have react component for BRID.TV playlist widget as well!

We did talk about React more when we introduced React support for our player, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves about it.

What is React and How it Works

React is a JavaScript library, or rather a front-end framework developed by Facebook. It is currently the most sought after framework out there and is being used by developers to create powerful and easy-to-use UIs (User Interfaces), as well as front-end applications. Just so you do not get confused, React is frequently referred to as a framework due to its sheer capabilities, simplicity, and speed. Now, technically it is a library, but unlike say jQuery, it behaves more like a framework.

From Intricate to Smooth Front-end Development

Amongst our many priorities, we are focused on delivering optimized tech as well as modern-day open source tools for advanced users. The idea is to increase the functionality and flexibility of our video player ecosystem. What remains one of the biggest advantages of React.js is its simplicity. React sort of feels like reinventing the wheel because it does away with the unnecessary intricacies that are normally associated with JavaScript front-end projects, where you have a lot more code. So, when creating dynamic user interfaces, React uses independent (self-contained) components that have their own state.

Top Benefits of React UIs

There are numerous advantages when utilizing React to create a proper and intuitive user interface, so let’s go through them one by one:

  • Easy to use, easy to learn: Simple as that. React is just easy. Especially when you’re incorporating JS in markup.
  • Working with teams is better: React is well-organized, so it’s easier for everyone to be on the same page when working on one project.
  • React is small: Yep, one of the most important aspects of React is that it’s rather light. Unlike the TypeScript-based application framework Angular, React doesn’t include a router or HTTP client (those you have to install separately with React).
  • Performance bump: Normally, if you’re building something using PHP or Python, the code runs on the server (dedicated server, cloud, shared-hosting, etc.). Conversely, any code you write with React runs on the client and the biggest apparent advantage is performance. It also makes your interface more interactive, so you’re not forced to reload the entire page, merely segments of the page for everything to happen.
  • Popularity: React.js is one of the most highly used frameworks in the industry right now. It effectively tops all voting polls and remains essentially one of the best dev environments out there right now.
  • Best suited for dynamic web applications: Forget awkward HTML strings and complex coding when creating dynamic web apps, because React.js uses JSX, which keeps things considerably simpler.

React Integration and Developer Support

We aim to provide any assistance you may need on the developer front, as well as user front.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further help with the React Brid Playlist Widget component. Our team of software engineers are constantly available to handle any issues you might have.