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July 18, 2018
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BridTV GEO Module Explained

The very notion of being able to locate and identify website visitors via IP address from the video player is impressive. There are few paid services offering IP geolocation API and a precious little (if any) HTML5 video players out there that can carry this off.

Setting up a proper digital marketing strategy is the first step, albeit having a successful and effective ad campaign is the next and most significant step. Imbuing the ad campaign with a video ad tag complete with IP, latitude and/or longitude macros is just the shortcut you were looking for.

This is your safest road towards better monetization, improved ROI and not to mention effective marketing and video advertising.

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The Value of Zeroing in On Your Audience

At the moment, BridTV is the only service that offers this specific and extremely useful feature for publishers. Typically, such services are very expensive, if you are looking to cut costs and yet get the most out of the relevant data, will find this feature particularly valuable.
If you intend to utilize tags that seek out IP longitudes and latitudes, no problem, that’s where we got you covered.

Specifically, this feature creates a shortcut between the publisher and users, or rather the right kind of users. It’s a perfect system that enhances the ad experience due to reasonably accurate data, which indicates details such as region, timezone, IP, city, and so on.

The utilization of GEO Module focuses on ad targeting, content personalization and detailed traffic analysis, all of which is a significant benefit to the publisher that’s determined to make the most out of the specific data that’s provided.

Of course, bear in mind that the location data is not entirely accurate every time only because certain users might be relying on a proxy or particular software that conceals the IP, giving us different locations. Also, not every IP is traceable complete with a specific zip code.

However, the service still retains a fair amount of accuracy so with increased aggregated responses are from the location, the services manages to provide higher accuracy. Yep, more aggregated (country/region) = more accurate. The less aggregated (exact street number), the less accurate.

GEO Module Opens Many Doors

With the GEO Module, publishers are equipped with a variety of tools or rather information tidbits and are vital to have better fill rates and click-thru.

While other vendors would merely tell you to go to a third-party service to get this data and then the player will only populate the tag macros, we get this data for you and populate the ad tag macros, as part of an all-inclusive service.

This is big as it saves clients money. Meaning, you save money by not using a third-party service like to get the data, AND you get more ad opportunities with partners like SpringServe, as they require these macros.

For those not yet using BridTV 3.0 HTML5 video player, don’t delay! Update to the fastest online player in the use cases that matters the most for publishers – serving ads with content.

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