BridTV HTML5 Video Player 3.0
White Label Video SSP by BridTV
July 5, 2018
Boosting Ad Performance and Ad Revenue With Support for VAST 4.0 Tags
July 18, 2018

BridTV Video Player 3.0


We are pushing the boundaries, again!

When it comes to online video, innovation is the key to success. We have hand-crafted products which we are immensely proud of like Adblock recovery solution ADIQ and White Label video SSP. However, the core product of BridTV has always been the HTML5 video player and platform supporting it.

Building the fastest HTML5 player has never been an easy task. Ensuring that the player stays quick, nimble, and responsive at all times and on all screens is even harder. During the last couple of months we’ve been hard at work and today we are proud to say that BridTV 3.0 HTML5 video player is live!

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Numerous improvements were implemented based on what we’ve learned about publisher needs and the viewing behavior of their audience. The latest iteration of our video player is built to help you optimize your video ad delivery while delivering the best viewing experience to your audience at lightning fast speed.

The following features of our HTML5 video player have been improved:

  • Faster ad loading and ad handling
  • Reworked playlist and related screen GUI
  • Faster player loading
  • NEW feature! Introducing BridTV GEO Module
  • NEW feature! Introducing VAST 4.0 compatibility

Now, let’s break down those features one by one.

Faster ad loading and ad handling

Our performance enhancements start with the improved core functionality of the BridTV ad parser. Most notably quickening of ad tag calling for VPAID tags and their responses, decreasing supply response time, a better functionality of ad calling for publishers with many iframes on the page and automatic replacements of the following macros inside redirects:


We’ve also reduced the redundant code of our player. With this improvement, we have measured a decrease of around 500ms depending on the ad when it comes to the VAST/VPAID response time + the creative load time. Talk about the speed!

Faster player loading

Thanks to faster ad loading, ad handling and few simple but crucial changes to our original HTML5 video player code we’ve managed to improve loading of our player by 20%.
What does this mean to you? It means better viewing experience with the highest quality playback and reduced bandwidth for your viewers. Moreover, together with SpotX and our header bidding option it also means you will see boosts to your business and ad revenue goals.

Reworked playlist and related screen GUI

With viewer engagement in mind, we’ve completely overhauled our playlists and related videos screen inside the player. Besides performance upgrades, new user-friendly layout and better AI behind related videos suggestion in the player are just a few perks of the update. Finally, you are now able to use one out of three options for your end screen within the video list: show starting snapshot, show share screen or show related videos.

BridTV GEO Module

With each new update, we release a feature that completely overshadows the competition. This time it’s the ability to locate and identify website visitors by IP address within our player. Very few players offer this option, let alone for free as a part of the HTML5 video player built-in capability.

Applicability? In case your ad campaign has a video ad tag with IP, latitude and/or longitude macros you’ll be able to get all the data through our GEO IP API about the viewers. Imagine what you would be able to do with that kind of data?

Support for VAST 4.0 tags

IAB’s (Interactive Advertising Bureau) VAST 4.0 standard has the potential to successfully combat most of the previous version’s shortcomings like the inability to separate the video file from its interactive components or lack of quality control. It is purposely developed to improve delivery and measurement of digital video advertising with the new set of metadata and newly added functionality.

We’ve taken care of all the tech details allowing fast and smooth implementation of your VAST 4.0 tag. All you need to do now is to contact your ad supplier for one.

For those not yet using BridTV 3.0 HTML5 video player, don’t delay! Update to the fastest player and take your video strategy to the next level.