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September 12, 2019
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September 20, 2019

BridTV Platform Updates

In today’s thriving digital market we are constantly looking for ways to polish and improve our in-house video technology. One of our primary goals is to ensure that web publishers get the fastest and easiest way to monetize their content and grow their business.

The latest BridTV update features a variety of changes that are now incorporated into the video platform.

CMS Changes – Video Upload and Encoding

In addition to the numerous changes, we have added a complete upgrade of our queuing system inside the CMS. This time around there are 2 parallel queues that monitor your video uploads and encodes. The system separately queues up video fetching and encoding and as a result you’ll get speed increases for the entire process. Publishers can now expect faster encode times, seeing as less time is spent on waiting on the queue.

Additional Platform Features Added

To check out the full list of additional changes, have a look below:

  • Updated our Comscore plugin integration to add some new fields and to be up to date with the latest JS SDK that Comscore provides.
  • Added a total bandwidth column on your account level analytics screen so you don’t have to manually sum up bandwidth values anymore to get a quick overview of how much bandwidth account-wise you are using u
  • Added a new tab on the bandwidth account overview screen in our analytics called “sites” so you can get a quick breakdown of how much bandwidth each site is using up under your account.
  • Fixed the download report option on the TOP VIDEOS section of our analytics so that it shows the correct numbers when downloading reports.
  • Fixed the site link that appears on your main starting dashboard when you click on a site name under the bandwidth usage table.

The Brid Team