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May 24, 2019
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June 5, 2019

BridTV Sticky Player: Unmatched Ad Viewability

For well over a year now, activating the ‘Sticky’ BridTV Video Player has created tremendous monetization opportunities and, more importantly, higher revenue for a majority of businesses. There’s no doubt that this as an absolute favorite. Satisfied web publishers have been utilizing BridTV Sticky Player in well over 1200 players as a tried-and-true monetization method and a way to ensure top-notch ad viewability. That number speaks for itself.

The sheer effectiveness of making your player sticky is obvious right from the start. However, the main advantage is being able to fine-tune the player, and unlock a staggering amount of new features. Not only does this lead to better overall ad performance, but it’s going to make a massive impact on your monetization strategy. That’s right, the simple goal is to max out ad performance while keeping users happy and not interfering with their web experience.
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Ad Viewability Explained and the Power of Google

What is ad viewability, anyway? To put this as simply as possible, ad viewability is a term that is used to describe when video ads are visible to users, either via desktop website or mobile app. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has instilled a standard, according to which at least 50% of an ad or banner creative must be shown on screen for over a second.

To see things a bit more clearly, it is imperative to discern the chief reasons why viewability is now an integral part of online advertising and a crucial segment of today’s online monetization landscape. Viewability has occurred when:

  • Ads load without being in the user’s view.
  • Ads fail to load because of network problems or poor bandwidth.
  • There’s widespread utilization of ad blockers.

Google has decided to act on this, and a number of technology companies, naturally, followed suit. Time and again, the industry giant has highlighted the importance of viewability, hence publishers are actively imbuing their own monetization strategies with this facet. The implementation of ad performance measurement is now an essential part of video ad campaigns for many businesses.

In modern-day video advertising it boils down to one fact – if an ad isn’t viewed or seen by the user, then, quite simply, it won’t have an impact. In other words, it will fail to deliver the desired message regarding your product or brand. For that reason, Google has poured a lot of effort into illustrating and sending out one clear message – viewability matters.

BridTV Sticky Video Player – Tried and True

Filtering out unnecessary elements in your ad campaign has never been easier. The BridTV Sticky Player effectively renders as any other player on your webpage wherever you embed it.
From the user’s perspective, things are quite simple. The content/ad playback kicks off the moment the user presses play on the player. As soon as the user scrolls away from the video, the Sticky Player sticks to a corner of your site, and your video/ad is going to be viewed.

Check out Brid Player Customization and Sticky Player Options:

  • Full viewability: this is always a priority, and the sticky player handles that flawlessly.
  • Detailed customization: meticulous configuration options go with sticky player; for example, you can opt to show a ‘close button’ in the player’s top right corner, to allow the user to close it needed (when the close button is pressed while the player in the sticky position, the player pauses and returns to its starting position).
  • Focus on playback: should the user scroll back to where the player’s earlier location, the player automatically returns to its starting position and continues playback.
  • Size configuration: publishers can set the width and height of the player and the
  • Player position configuration: choosing the ideal position of the sticky player (completely configurable).
  • Optimizing for desktop: this handy option determines that your player has autoplay on desktop only.
  • Optimizing for mobile: thanks to the BridTV CMS you can customize even further, and disable/enable sticky player on mobile, depending on your needs; it’s also possible to set mobile screen width, again according to your needs.
  • If ad is present: the ultimate this exceptionally useful option allows you to trigger autoplay only if the player receives a valid ad.

Stay tuned to discover for more and benefits about the BridTV Sticky Player…