Brid.TV Video Delivery System Upgrades and New Shelf Mode
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Brid.TV Video Delivery System Update — Improvements to Recommendations, New Shelf Mode, and More

video delivery system upgrades BridTV

Our latest platform update brought with it many novelties, some of which have been long overdue! Today, we present to you the latest improvements to our video delivery system. But before we start, here are a few CMS sections that were renamed:

  • “Favor Top Videos” is now “Recommend Videos by Popularity”
  • “Video Engagement Booster” is now “Boost With Recommended Videos”
  • “Colors & Skins” is now “Customization”

Improved Learning Algorithm

First and foremost, we’ve updated our machine learning algorithms to recommend better and more relevant videos when you have the recommended videos option enabled. That way, your users will get to the latest and related content on your website easier. 

How Recommended Playlists Will Work Now

Here’s how the new and improved recommended playlists will function as of today:

  1. If the video being viewed is not a part of a playlist, the recommendations will be selected based on external parameters, such as relation to other videos.
  2. If the video being viewed is part of a multi-video playlist, videos from the said playlist will be selected first when compiling the recommendations list.
  3. If you turn on the option “Recommend Videos by Popularity,” in the first-case scenario, the most popular videos will immediately be placed in the recommendations list In contrast, in the second-case scenario, the remaining videos from the playlist will be listed first, followed by the most popular ones.

Displaying Recommendations

When it comes to showing the video recommendations themselves, we’ve got a few innovations in that department too! First of all, if you select “Yes” on the “Boost With Recommended Videos” settings, you’ll now be able to choose between two options: Display in Overlay Mode and Display in Shelf Mode.

Display in Overlay Mode

By choosing this option, a selection of recommended videos will appear across the entire player’s screen once your users finish watching or pause a video.

Display in Shelf Mode 

If you select this option, a list of video recommendations will appear at the bottom of the player once your viewers finish watching or when they pause the video. However, this type of display is entirely unobtrusive and will not negatively impact your user’s viewing experience. What is more, the viewer will be able to toggle this section at will by clicking on the “more videos” button on the bottom of the video player. Doing so will allow them to have the list open, even while watching.

Increasing User Engagement With Our New Video Delivery System Upgrades

We are glad to inform you that all of our premium users will be able to use these new playlist recommendation features as of today! With them, you’re sure to see your user engagement rise, and you’ll also have an easier time driving visitors to other video content on your site.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions for us? Do you wish to see some new features added? Contact us and tell us what’s on your mind! We’d be happy to hear your feedback.