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May 17, 2019
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May 24, 2019

BridTV Video Player Plugin – Now Nielsen Certified

To claim a high spot on the modern-day digital market ladder is a hard and bumpy road. The first step to avoid these bumps is reaching out to audiences worldwide. Acknowledging this means you’ve started your journey towards faster growth. The sheer complexity of today’s online advertising scene brings us to an increased variety of solutions and strategies. In order to achieve what’s best for your own business, you have to look at the bigger picture. Having the right video technology implemented on your web pages is paramount. At no point, however, must you lose sight of what matters the most: audience retention. Keep in mind that a successful online business greatly depends on understanding your audience. The BridTV Video Player Plugin will help you achieve this and more, especially with the latest batch of updates.

Incorporating additional features into our HMTL 5 player has created more outstanding opportunities for web publishers who are eager to diversify their monetization, improve their business strategy and stay on top of their game.

BridTV Nielsen Certified Video Player Plugin

Both BridTV and Nielsen focus to provide enough data and powerful technology to streamline your business plan by analyzing the total audience. You’ll be able to create effective strategies, measure content and campaigns in a fresh media landscape.
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Web publishers are improving their businesses and how they affect the global digital market. In light of BridTV’s recent video tech upgrade, we are giving our partners and publishers more features and extras when it comes to analyzing relevant data. The enhanced version of the BridTV video player features the brand new integration of Nielsen metrics. This particular plugin gives publishers a chance to utilize full Nielsen analytics, targeted for Italy GEO, with a single embed code. The process is straightforward, and extremely effective to boot.

Understanding Hearts and Minds in a Complex Media Market

Ask yourself one simple question: how to keep audiences interested and engaged? There are many answers to that. One of the more important answers is: quality content. Whether it’s blogging, vlogging, social media posting, video production, design or technical writing, having top-notch content and relevant content is what keeps people interested in whatever you’re saying or selling. If you’re providing a service, crafting a brand new tech or developing innovative software, then let people know why is that particular product useful to them.
Capturing the hearts and minds of audiences is doable by:

  • Creating a powerful online experience (web page, video, engaging content, etc.).
  • Understanding how users interact with this experience.
  • Understanding what the consumer thinks.

Once again, with the help of Nielsen SDK and the BridTV video platform and CMS, web publishers are now going to have detailed insight as to overall video performance, ad performance, content performance, and more.
To learn more about Nielsen-powered metrics and powerful BridTV analytics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.