Looking for Brightcove alternatives? Start here.
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October 24, 2018
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Looking for Brightcove alternatives? Start here

Let’s face it when fishing for an enterprise-level video service, Brightcove might be one of the top choices. While there’s certainly a solid range of benefits here, it must be said that there are other options out there, Brightcove alternatives so to speak, especially for small to medium businesses who are looking to execute their digital marketing strategies with fast and affordable solutions for effective video monetization and ad revenue.

BridTV is a versatile video platform and CMS that allows you to get a maximum amount of top-notch features for a truly affordable price. If you’re looking to make an impact with video in today’s B2B market, this would be an excellent place to start.

It basically boils down to getting a quality product that has a seasoned dev team behind it. Publishers especially will appreciate this particular platform. For instance, if the publisher boasts a 100% fill rate, 100,000 ad plays would incur around 8GB of data (10c per GB, that’s below $1 for platform usage). This is a far better offer than other video platforms that are available on the current market, such as Brightcove or JW.
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Top Quality and Feature-Rich Video Player

VAST 4.0 Standard

One of the biggest advantages of BridTV is that publishers get kick-ass ad performance as well a platform that effectively deals with the problem of customers who experience poor fill rates. In relation to that, IAB’s (Interactive Advertising Bureau) VAST 4.0 standard opens quite a lot of options. Using VAST mobile video, for instance, buyers are going to receive insight as they would with the desktop browser, and believe it or not, the media is no less effective. That means the audience is reached on on the mobile devices, just as much.

What’s more, if a top-quality HD video is served with a low-quality ad, that’s definitely not a good thing for both publishers and users. Enter VAST4.0 and Conditional ad declaration. Basically, if a “conditional ad” (VPAID unit) skips a displayed ad, the publisher might have to give up any revenue due to loss of inventory. Thankfully, there’s a declaration in VAST for a conditional ad, which gives publishers the opportunity to reclaim or put a stop to potential inventory loss. Very simple and very effective.

Boosting Ad Revenue With Waterfalling and Video Player Bidding

The main goal of every publisher out there is avoiding low fill-rates as much as humanly possible. Waterfalling is actually one of the most practical features any video-oriented business should seriously consider. It’s one of the most efficient ways of selling off remaining inventory, which can easily end up being obsolete. Waterfalling is one of the best ways to utilize a simple video player setting to boost fill-rate, in addition to improving ad revenue. Just to be clear on this, with waterfalling publishers can utilize various ad-servers that “waterfall” between one another. When tag waterfalling is activated within BridTV’s video player (and if an ad is not returned in a VAST tag or if an ad errors out), the player swiftly cascades to another tag and tries to play the next ad.

As for Video Player Bidding, well, it represents yet another practical and quick way to maximize video ad revenue. It primarily improves consumer experience because of reduced page load times, as well as reduced data leakage.

White Label SSP

The BridTV White-Label solution is yet another great benefit for customers who are after a solid and reliable video platform with fair pricing. With this solution, you get a wide range of features that allowing marketing agencies to publish videos without any restrictions. All that’s needed is to sign up, and BridTV handles the rest, allowing you to utilize built-in cloud-based video infrastructure for content management, delivery, and monetization. You can learn more about our white-label video SSP here.

GEO Targeting

One of the most reliable and crucial metrics you can use for your digital marketing strategy is GEO targeting. When seeking out your audience, you can now rely on GEO targeting, which allows you to zero in on the location (i.e. country or city). Having this particular data helps tremendously and it ensures video ad revenue boost. In short, if your audience is from the US or Europe, you’ll get a clearer picture of user behavior and the currency they are using. With the help of GEO Module, a publisher can now gain access to info that can offer a shortcut to better fill rates and click-thru. This is achieved with tags that search for IP longitudes and latitudes, thus connecting publishers and users. The GEO targeting system is the best solution for publishers to establish a better video ad experience due to valuable user data such as region, IP, time zone, city, and so on.

Live Streaming

BridTV also introduced a recent update that added a significant improvement to the platform’s live streaming capabilities released earlier. The system now has a revamped infrastructure, adding support for more concurrent viewers with better latency and considerably fewer frame drops.

Making the Leap From Brightcove to BridTV

For the past year or so, we have received numerous requests from a variety of publishers that are migrating away from Brightcove. If you are in a similar situation, the folks over at BridTV have created all the necessary measure to ensure a smooth transition. In other words, migrating all of your video content from Brightcove directly into BridTV’s system is handled without any work on your part. All that’s required is that you provide API access and the videos are migrated for you. Simple and fast.

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