A Handy Brid.TV Browser and Device Reference
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September 17, 2018
Brid.TV Video Platform 4.0 Release
September 27, 2018

Browser and Device Reference

As part of our continuous effort to stay ahead of the curve, here at BridTV we are always pushing ourselves to improve performance. Our video platform is thriving and our user base is growing by the day. In order to ensure enterprise-level quality, we are doing our best to incorporate updates and changes to the technology.

However, every move or change we make is done once we’ve established what our users prefer. In other words, we are constantly keeping an eye on the which desktop browsers and mobile Operating Systems are being utilized the most by our clients. Knowing this helps us evolve and improve our service greatly. We are determined to optimize our tech and service so that it operates effectively on the latest browsers, as well as older versions.

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Video Formats and Desktop Browsers

Before we move on, we’d just like to point out that the latest version of the BridTV player supports a variety of video formats, and you can check out exactly what media formats are supported. Important note: Formats such as Flash are not supported anymore. Also, please bear in mind that BridTV provides an encoding service, so if you happen to send
Right now, here are the desktop browsers that are supported by BridTV 3.0 HTML5 video player:

Chromeversion 69 or newer
Firefoxversion 59 or newer
Microsoft Edgeversion 42 (and 42 with EdgeHTML version 17) or newer
Internet Explorerversion 11 or newer
Safariversion 12 or newer

Mobile Device and Browser Compatibility

BridTV is also evolving and is improving performance on all mobile devices OSs and browsers, all of which are fully tested and supported, from the oldest to the latest versions and across all devices. Check out the mobile browsers we support with BridTV 3.0:

Android 4.0 and newerChromeAndroid 4.0 and newer
iPhone 5s (all newer models)SafariiOS 9 and newer
iPad 2 (all newer models)SafariiOS 9 and newer