Digital Marketing Trends and the Power of Video in 2020
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Online Video: Powering the Digital Market Landscape in 2020

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Business owners and marketers rely on technologies and tools that are continually evolving. That is why digital marketing trends are next to impossible to predict. But despite it posing a significant challenge, many industry professionals still do it year in, year out! After all, the key to making accurate marketing predictions lies in relying on data.

The latest stats have shown that 72% of businesses claim that video has boosted their conversion rates. It’s safe to say that video is dominating the current online market. That is especially the case when it comes to advertising. Everyone has stopped asking the question, “is video going to be the future?” Instead, the question they’re asking now is, “how is video technology going to evolve?”

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Up until ten years ago, research indicated that teens spend 30 hours a week watching TV. Well, times have changed. Nowadays, children spend approximately 30 hours a week using smartphones. In such a dynamic digital market, video is in the spotlight and is growing ever more prevalent. These days, people watch videos watched online, on desktop, mobile, and TV!

Watch time on channels such as Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, and others has never been higher. Clearly, VOD, OTT, and streaming services have a powerful grip on the market already. And that is just the beginning! With services like Amazon Prime and the soon-to-be-launched streaming service Disney+, video streaming is going to rule.

Advertisers and digital marketers are already using alternative strategies to reach their desired audiences and get their messages across. As the times change, so do the tools and the advertising delivery methods.

Another giant leap in the digital advertising industry came in the form of programmatic advertising. This technology uses AI to automate ad buying. That way, it’s easier for publishers to reach their target audiences. Real-time bidding, video header bidding, and similar solutions have taken a full swing in 2019 and will most likely only grow. These solutions boast higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs. eMarketer reports that 86.2% of digital display ads in the United States is going to be programmatic well into the year 2020.

Paid Advertising and Cunning SEO

It’s safe to say that digital marketers know where the crowd is, which is why they’ll focus their efforts on more than just video to reach their audiences. That means they will use various mediums to promote and grow their businesses. Apart from video, they will mostly focus on paid advertising more than anything else. Why? Because that gets them 100% traction. As for digital marketing trends, sure, content is still king in many ways. But what is likely to change is the type of content that will dominate the market in 2020.

When it comes to PPC advertising, Google and Facebook won’t be the only major players in town anymore. Amazon is following suit as the 3rd biggest advertiser out there. For the past year, an increasing number of online retailers have been utilizing Amazon ads. One significant advantage Amazon has over Facebook and Google is its higher accuracy at pinpointing what shoppers (buyers) are looking for. That way, it’s easier for them to achieve higher conversion rates. Marketers know that it is not the case with paid advertising on Facebook and Google.

OK, people don’t just “Google,” they “Bing” too! Yes, we know what you’re thinking — despite Microsoft revamping its search engine in 2019, Google still has most of the search engine market share. Despite Google’s dominance, it’s worth remembering that had over 1.3 billion unique visitors between February 2018 and July 2019. Also, with its excellent audience targeting capability, MS has refurbished its ad inventory and data. That’s right — Bing Ads are now referred to as Microsoft Advertising. As of September 2019, the latest numbers show that 1.3 billion people use Bing worldwide each month. In 2020, ignoring Bing could mean leaving money on the table!

Another vital fact is that video improves SEO. Research has shown that 39% of decision-makers call a salesperson soon after viewing a branded video! This digital marketing trend will undoubtedly be one of the most significant ones going into 2020. By embedding a video on your website, you’ll be boosting your SEO and CTRs (Click-Through Rates).

Google Ads and Video in 2020

Google is not sitting in the corner with its tail tucked between its legs, that’s for sure! It is making a massive impact with its Better Ad Standards, and, of course, Google Ad Manager. And let’s not forget that Google’s revenue has been soaring on a yearly basis for the past 20 years. The largest and most powerful search engine on the planet is also gearing up for the race with its reinvigorated Google Shopping service (again, to compete with Amazon) and Google ‘discovery’ ads, focused on feed-based advertising.

YouTube, LinkedIn, and the First-Second Video Strategy

The truth is that video remains the most powerful tool in advertising. As 2019 draws to a close, digital marketers and business owners are revitalizing their tactics. Making an impact on the online market and predicting digital marketing trends in 2020 will be challenging but far from impossible! In fact, professionals worldwide are already employing numerous video marketing and advertising strategies that will surely continue to be prevalent in 2020.

Science says that the human brain requires 400 milliseconds to engage with a mobile ad (info via Mobile Marketing Association/The Advertising Research Foundation). To engage means that a reaction (positive or negative) has occurred and an imprint has been triggered. Considering that consumer attention is declining rapidly, people are reacting to ads faster than ever.

YouTube is also a platform with incredible revenue potential for advertisers and marketers. Billions of viewers trigger countless pre-roll ads daily. Bumper ads are already a big thing, and they will be even more prominent in 2020! Bumper ads are 6-second ads that fire up before videos. Google has already confirmed that these short-form video ads are way more effective than full 30-second video ads. That is why businesses of all sizes are already on YouTube!

LinkedIn also remains a platform with a lot of potential real estate for video advertisers and digital marketers. This career- and employment-oriented platform has well over 500 million users, and yet, only a small portion of them use videos in their posts. So, when it comes to video, both YouTube and LinkedIn as high-potential advertising markets in 2020.

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