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September 3, 2019
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BridTV September 2019 Platform Update: Any-Ad™, Analytics, and More
September 9, 2019

Discover the Benefits of BridTV’s Upgraded Live Streaming Service

BridTV has released a major update for BridTV Live stream. Thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of our developers, this entire segment of the BridTV platform has received a massive overhaul. Improving and polishing the BridTV live streaming service has finally been completed. In addition to the live streaming update, we have also released an analytics update (learn more about that here). Primarily though, our latest update features detailed instructions on how to set up and control an upgraded live streaming service.

Control and Fine-Tune Live Streaming

Using BridTV Live Stream web publishers can rely on a fast, and monetizable solution for streaming live events. The latest overhauled edition of our live streaming service offers the following features:

Control your livestream server: the service gives you a chance to start and stop your own livestream server via the dashboard. It has to be noted that starting/stopping a livestream instance requires a bit of time.

Set livestream instance power: you can now choose your livestream instance power. There are 4 levels of livestream instances you can create and use ranging from low to ultra. Find the best depending on your stream quality.

Bandwidth tracking: Live Streams via Brid are now billed hourly and by bandwidth used. You can track all of this under your dashboard.

Speed, Functionality and Additional Customization

We have isolated several particular features that turned out to be particularly useful for publishers. Our well-optimized HTML5 video player doesn’t just offer live streaming support, but also provides an extra options .

  • Amazon C5: our system relies on Amazon’s C5 high compute instances for live streaming. This way you steer clear of any potential bottlenecks when you’re streaming live events.
  • Automatic stopping: with the automatic stopping functionality enabled for your livestream instance, the stream automatically stops after X hours of inactivity – this is a precaution should you forget to stop the instance. Using this feature, you avoid getting billed unnecessarily.
  • Analytics per playlist: We’ve also incorporated support for highly accurate analytics data per user-created playlist. The precise data analytics data provided gives you insight into individual playlists within Brid, so you can get a clear picture on how each playliste performs.

The focus of this particular BridTV update is our highly upgraded live streaming service. Feel free to contact your account manager if you wish to try out our new live streams.

For step-by-step instructions on how to setup BridTV Live Stream, head over here.