Maximize Your Live Streaming Revenue With Brid.TV’s Push Ad Feature
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Enhance Your Live Streaming Monetization Efforts With Brid.TV’s New Push Ad Feature

Push Ad feature

Our development team has been hard at work lately and has finally given some well-deserved love to all live streaming enthusiasts out there! We are proud to announce that our brand-new live streaming feature designed to help publishers maximize their streaming revenue is now live.

Everyone say hello to the Push Ad feature!

What Is the Push Ad Feature and Why You’ll Love It

The Push Ad feature is the latest addition to Brid.TV’s live stream monetization arsenal. This handy addition to our live streaming service allows publishers to manually play ads to their viewers during live streams at the press of a single button! 

This useful feature allows streamers to choose the best moment for an ad break. That will dramatically improve viewers’ user experience and introduce more monetization opportunities!

With the Push Ad feature, your viewers will never miss out on the action, and no break will go unmonetized!

How to Use the Push Ad Feature

The Push Ad feature is easy to set up and use. All you have to do to get started is to launch your live stream and navigate to the Push Ad tab.

There, all you have to do is select the ad tag for the advertisement you want to show and press the Push button. cms push ad feature screenshot

That’s it! All your viewers will now be shown the selected ad, and you can take a short breather!

We hope you enjoy this feature and best of luck in your future live streams!