Visiting the Best European Web Summits in 2019, by BridTV
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BridTV: Top European Web Summits/Events of November 2019

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Keeping our fingers on the ever-changing pulse of the web 2019 scene, we strive to connect and engage with the vast global tech community. Meeting so many key people from the industry this year has been a turning point for the BridTV team. Hooking up with so many fine folks, including industry leaders, as well as talented developers and designers, has given us valuable insight into the state of today’s market. Here’s a quick summary of some of the top European web summits we’ve visited during November 2019.  

Web Summit 2019 | Lisbon

As far as top European web summits go, this is one of the best experiences we’ve had in a while. If you’re looking for a all-encompassing technology conference, this is the place to be. Every some of the most influential people on the current digital market will appear to provide words of wisdom, as well as insight into some of their biggest achievements in business and technology. 

This is also one of the best events if you’re hoping to get in touch with key figures in web development, programming, design, entrepreneurship, and so on.

This year we were able to meet and exchange ideas with key people from Google, Microsoft, Wikipedia, Amazon, Boston Dynamics etc.

Job Fair 2019 | Belgrade  

Having visited a whole bunch of web summits and events this year, BridTV has devote a lot of time into more localized affairs, such as the Job Fair in Belgrade. We are always seeking new talents to join our ever-expanding team of technology creators and devs.

The Job Fair 2019 in Belgrade has given us a chance to see and hear what young and ambitious tech-oriented minds are thinking.

AWS Pop-up Loft | Bucharest

BridTV has been working closely with Amazon for many years. Now, some of the best and brightest minds at BridTV have taken the opportunity to visit the AWS Pop Up Loft in Bucharest – a terrific community space, with available sessions and workshops for devs to hone in on their technical skills.

AWS representatives from all regions have turned up to disperse their own brand of wisdom, guidance and tech expertise.