Frequently Asked Questions

1What happens if I go over my plan limits?
Depending on your premium plan structure, there are several ways you can go into overage. We explain in more detail what happens with your account if you go into overage here.
2Can I get a trial account for your Premium plan?
Please get in touch so we can discuss your video needs and activate a trial account for our Premium plan.
3What is the difference between Priority and VIP support?
Even our FREE plans are eligible for support via tickets. Our premium plan users get support in two main ways. Learn more.
4How do I earn money with Brid?
You can easily apply for Ads Marketplace and let us monetize your content, boost your revenue, and ensure a steady revenue stream.
5Can I monetize YouTube videos with Brid.TV?
Unfortunately, no. Doing that would go against YouTube’s Terms of Service. However, we do give our paid users an easy way to upload their YouTube videos to the Brid.TV platform.

So if you migrate your YouTube content to Brid.TV, you can then monetize it to your heart’s content after uploading it to your website.

NOTE: You must have your own website/domain to be able to monetize videos using Brid.TV.
6Can I upload videos on a free plan?
Unfortunately, no. Our free plan was created as a means for users to get acquainted with our platform and what it offers. That way, they could see whether our services fit their needs. The video upload option is reserved only for our paid users who commonly have greater needs and use our premium features.
If you decide to subscribe to one of our paid plans, you can learn how to upload videos here.
7Why do I see no ads in the player even after I’ve added a VAST/VPAID ad tag?
First and foremost, to check whether the issue lies on our end or somewhere else, go to our Ad Tag Tester in the Brid.TV CMS and test your ad tag there. If you see an issue with the ad playback, contact our technical support. But if the ad displays properly, then the issue might lie elsewhere.

There are several possible external reasons for an ad not displaying on your site’s player:
  1. Your ad network might not have an available ad to send to your player.

    There is usually a much higher ad demand on the market than there are ads, so your ad network might simply not have anything to send to your player at the moment. In fact, most ad networks offer only a 25%–50% ad fill rate, so that is most likely why you aren’t seeing any ads on your player currently.If this is the case, there is nothing Brid.TV can do about it; you will have to contact your ad network for any additional questions.

  2. Your ads.txt file might not be updated.

    You must update your ads.txt file to allow your ads to play. Even if you’ve entered your ad network’s ad tag correctly, if you don’t allow the publisher to display ads from it in your ads.txt file, no ads will be able to play. You can find out more on the ads.txt file here.

  3. You might have to wait for your traffic to pick up before advertisers start bidding on you.

    If this is the case, the only thing you can do is wait or talk to your ad network about the problem. Brid.TV can’t assist you with the issues related to your ad network.

8Why is there no sound in my player?
The most likely reason your player starts without sound is that your Media Engagement Index (MEI) is too low. Because of the changes to Google’s Autoplay Policy, autoplaying with sound is most often prohibited. Depending on how high your MEI is (you can check that by typing in chrome://media-engagement in your browser), our player is programmed to follow one of the following three outcomes:
  • If your MEI is high enough, the autoplay with sound should work (according to your enabled settings)
  • If your MEI is not high enough but the player has registered a valid user interaction upon the player, the autoplay with sound should work (according to your enabled settings)
  • If your MEI is not high enough, and the player has not registered a valid user interaction that would allow autoplay with sound, the video will play muted until a valid user interaction is established that would allow the player to play sound.
Note: You can adjust the autoplay with sound settings in the Player menu in the Brid.TV CMS.
9How do I set up an ad tag URL for video monetization properly?
You can set up an ad tag URL for video monetization by following these steps:
  1. Go to Brid.TV CMS and select the player you wish to set up your ad tag URL on. You can add a new player if you wish before doing so.
  2. Go to the Monetization tab and select your desired ad type (pre-roll, mid-roll, overlay, post-roll, banner)
  3. Select the “ADD NEW AD TAG” option and then name your tag and paste your ad tag URL in the designated field and adjust any other options as you desire. Save your changes afterward.

IMPORTANT: When adding URLs provided by your ad networks, make sure the macros they use are supported by Brid.TV. If they aren’t, you will have to change the macro tags to the ones that are supported.

You can find the full list of macros Brid.TV supports here.

EXAMPLE: A $PLAYER_HEIGHT part of a SpotX URL will have to be changed to [player_height] when adding the URL to Brid.TV, and so on.
10I have updated my player but do not see the changes on my site. What gives?
After making any changes in the Brid.TV CMS, it might take up to 20 minutes for them to be applied on your website due to CDN propagation times. If the changes don’t appear on your website after 20–30 minutes, try clearing your browser’s cache. If you’ve followed these steps and the changes still don’t appear on your site, we encourage you to contact our technical support.
11How can I migrate my content to Brid.TV?
You can migrate your content to the Brid.TV platform by importing your videos via MRSS feeds from our platform’s CMS. First, add a website to your CMS, and then press the “add feed” button in the “Videos” tab. Then, fill in the following data and select your desired options (like automatic sync, associating content with a playlist, etc.). You can find a more detailed guide here.

Note: If you give us access to your previous platform’s API (JW Player, Brightcove, Playwire), our dev team can take care of the migration process for you, free of charge.
12I can’t add my YouTube channel to Brid.TV. Why?
Unfortunately, you cannot add your YouTube channel to Brid.TV because doing that would go against YouTube’s Terms of Service.
13How can I sign up for Brid.TV Ads Marketplace?
You can sign up to Brid.TV Ads Marketplace by filling in an application form through your Brid.TV CMS or by sending an email to free to contact us if you have any further questions or need help with anything! We will make sure to respond promptly.
14How do I add your backfill (marketplace) to my account?
You can add Brid.TV’s backfill (Marketplace) to your account by following these steps: 1. Go to Brid.TV CMS and click on the “Apply” button. 2. A pop-up menu will appear and you should follow the onscreen instructions. Firstly, agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking “Next.” 3. Wait for the system to verify your website. Once the process has finished, click on “Next.” 4. Copy/paste the ads.txt entries to the ads.txt file of your website. After you have done that, return to our CMS and press “Verify your ads.txt.” 5. Move to the next step and fill in the necessary fields. Click “Submit” and the Ads Marketplace team will receive your request. 6. Our team will contact you to ask you to complete an ADX registration form. As soon as our demand partners approve your website, you can start to monetize via Ads Marketplace.
15How do I properly set up my VAST/VPAID ad tag with macros?
You can properly set up your VAST/VPAID ad tag with macros from our CMS. Access the “Players” menu to view all players.Then, select the player you want to set up your VAST/VPAID ad tag on. This will open a list of settings, but you should choose the “Monetization” option.You will see all ad types at the top right corner of the screen. Select the one you want to start setting up the VAST/VPAID ad tag. Then, press the “ADD NEW AD TAG” option from the window.Name your ad tag, and paste your VAST/VPAID ad tag in the field. Go over the options and adjust them accordingly. Lastly, save the changes.
16How do I set up a Brid player with a pre-roll?
Set up your Brid player with a pre-roll by going to our CMS and clicking on the “Players” section.All of your players will appear and you need to select only one. After that, navigate to the “Monetization” drop-down menu where you will see all ad placements at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the “Pre-roll” button.After a window appears, you need to enter an ad tag URL. Press save for the changes to apply.
17How do I set up a Brid player with header bidding using
The Brid.TV ecosystem is fully compatible with and PrebidJS. Set up your player with header bidding by visiting our CMS. Navigate to the “Players” menu and select one player.After new options have appeared, scroll down until you reach the “Monetization” drop-down menu.You will see a section called “PRE-BIDDING.” Under the “Bid Platform” opt for “Prebid.”Enter the URL for your prebid JS file in the input field. Then, add any type of ad slot next. Don’t forget to fill in other input fields, including DFP ad unit ID and custom parameters. Press save for the changes to apply.
18Where do I get the embed code for the player?
You can easily get the embed code for your player with Brid.TV. Just access our CMS to grab the code. After clicking on your website, you should navigate to the “Videos” option at the top left corner of your screen. Click on it.The full list of videos available on your player will appear. Locate the video you wish to embed in your list and press the embed icon. A new window will open and you need to choose the player, size, and other. After that copy the embed code and paste it to your website.