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5 Impressive Global Marketing Strategy Examples

Global Marketing Strategy Examples

Believe it or not, it’s possible for your company to go global. You don’t need to have unlimited resources and large budgets to take the world by storm. Well, not anymore, at least. In the past, only companies with deep pockets were able to break into various markets, but that has now changed.

The internet has made the world much smaller and has given business of all sizes a chance to think and act globally. Take Netflix for example. This streaming service provider went from being a startup to an international company available in over 190 countries. Today, Netflix has more than 190 million international subscribers and is expanding every year.

So, yes, the availability and accessibility of technology have ensured that global marketing is possible for everyone, even for start-ups. Companies only need to have a new and fresh approach. The key is using the right technology, being different, thinking outside the box, and developing an effective marketing strategy that enables you to conquer the global market. Many businesses have done this and you can as well!

If you’re just starting out, you are probably looking for some inspiration and Brid.TV has you covered! In this article, we will mention a number of global marketing strategy examples so you can learn from the best.

What Is Global Marketing?

Before we jump right into our global marketing strategy examples, let’s go over some basics.

For starters, global marketing is important for modern businesses. It involves promoting a product, service, or brand in the worldwide market. But, there is more to global marketing than simply selling and promoting goods and services internationally. Namely, companies need to convey their message in a way that speaks to the needs of buyers in a specific country.

So, you have to consider various geographic and cultural factors, including language, politics, religious beliefs, and other, in order to develop a successful global marketing strategy. This means one thing: it all comes down to the audience. Understanding who needs your product or service, how you can deliver it to them, and what you can do to strengthen the brand are essential for global marketing.

A business typically has to conduct a new market research, identify countries where they might be successful, and then localize the message so that it resonates with those communities. Your approach to marketing will change for each country you decide to expand to. This means that the messaging, advertising, creatives, and PR will be different from market to market.

If you do your research and analyze the potential buyers, you can take your company to the next level. Here are the global marketing strategy examples that show how you can conquer the international scene.

Global Marketing Strategy Examples

Our five global marketing strategy examples will show you how you should approach your international audience. You’ll learn all about catering to the local taste of your customers, inspiring communities with your objectives, and how clever ideas and social media can propel your company to stardom.

Let’s take a look!


Airbnb is an online marketplace that enables people to book and list accommodations all over the world. The company was founded in San Francisco in 2008 and has since expanded internationally. Indeed, Airbnb has more than 7 million listings in 100,000 cities worldwide today. What fueled its spectacular success? Social media platforms.

Airbnb decided to use the enormous power of hashtags to reach foreign markets. In January 2015, the company launched a social media campaign using the #OneLessStranger hashtag. Airbnb called this a “global, social experiment” whose aim was to spur random acts of kindness. The community was asked to share photos or videos of their act of hospitality using the hashtag. And people around the world rose to the challenge.

Indeed, three weeks after the campaign started, more than 3 million people submitted their content and engaged with the campaign. Social media can really make or break your brand. In Airbnb’s case, it proved to be the driving force behind their major success. If used right, these platforms can be beneficial for your brand as well.


Coca-Cola needs no special introduction as the company has existed since 1892. The famous beverage is available in over 200 countries and it’s hard to imagine visiting a store that doesn’t sell it. For years, Coca-Cola has reinvented its global brand and has found new ways to connect with the international audience. So, of course we’re listing it with other great global marketing strategy examples.

Indeed, no other company comes close to Coca-Cola’s international marketing efforts. In 2011, it launched “The Happiness Truck” which drove around the streets of Brazil, giving out free soft drinks, t-shirts, and other gifts to all those who pressed the large button. Coca-Cola obviously wants to put a smile on its customers’ faces all around the world!

Apart from this brilliant and integrated campaign, the company is famous for its community programs.

For instance, Coca-Cola has empowered more than 4 million women around the world. It has also built clean water installations in the rural villages of Egypt. Across the Middle East, the company has returned 1.75 billion litres of water to nature and communities.

In all its marketing efforts, Coca-Cola stresses one thing that can’t get lost in translation: happiness. Take a look at this:

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has satisfied the sweet tooth of its consumers since 1950. The restaurant chain has expanded its global footprint to 36 countries, opening more than 11,000 restaurants. It strives to create a better experience for its customers worldwide and it has certainly done that.

Dunkin’ Donuts adapts its products to the local markets in a bid to beat its competitors. The company knows that it is imperative to cater to the local consumers’ taste in order to gain people’s loyalty. That’s why it has recognized its international customers.

Namely, Dunkin’ launched a series of flavors that could satisfy anyone’s cravings. For instance, it serves a dried pork and seaweed doughnut in China because the former is a common ingredient in this country. Then, it sells mango doughnuts in Thailand. Talk about that international cuisine!

It’s more than obvious that Dunkin’ is ready to celebrate all of our cultural differences, thus strengthening its international presence.


Serving over 25 million customers every day, McDonald’s has become the world’s largest fast food chain. Currently, the company runs more than 37,000 branches in 120 countries. And, like from our other global marketing strategy examples, you can learn a thing or two from McDonald’s.

Its increasing success is the result of the company’s resolution to get to know and understand its diverse customer base. That’s how it is able to develop effective global marketing strategies and provide the best consumer experience.

McDonald’s creates specific menu items for each country in order to cater to the local tastes. For instance, it sold the Angus burger in Australia and New Zealand which consisted of the beef considered to be of high-quality. Then, it introduced McArabia to the branches in the Middle East. The company shows its understanding of and support for cultural diversity.

Now, we will conclude our global marketing strategy examples with one Austrian company.

Red Bull

Did you know that Red Bull sold 7.5 billion cans of its energy drink in 2019? So, obviously, the company needs to be included in our article featuring global marketing strategy examples. Red Bull is so good at promoting its product that people around the world feel like it is a local brand. How is this possible?

Well, Red Bull relies on one tactic that has proven to be successful worldwide. It hosts extreme sports events in different countries. People can’t wait to see what the company has come up with every year!

It created the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, then the Red Bull Air Race in the United Kingdom, and many other exciting events. This has brought different communities together who tune in worldwide to watch.

Start Thinking Globally!

If you want to expand your business internationally, then these global marketing strategy examples can give you some ideas. Most of the companies we mentioned stress the importance of understanding their diverse customer base in order to cater to their different needs and tastes. So, take inspiration from them and start thinking globally!