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September 18, 2019
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September 23, 2019

Ads Marketplace: Google Ad Manager for Publishers

google ad manager

What do successful digital marketers, web publishers have one thing in common? Well, they all know exactly what drives the public to their web pages. For years the formula has been quite simple. Apart from SEO-optimized pages, it’s crucial to offer meaningful content to users. So what kind of content format keeps users engaged? Video has proven to attract users and keep them engaged more than any other format. Surveys have shown that 83% of marketers feel that video is becoming increasingly more important as a medium of communication. Also, spending on video advertising had amounted to $34 million during 2019 worldwide. Consequently, many businesses are implementing effective forms of video ad monetization to ensure steady revenue streams. This is where Google Ad Manager steps in, as one of the primary ads revenue platforms.

What is Google Ad Manager

Google has created one of the most powerful systems of website ad monetization. Their platform focuses on publishers who are earning ad revenue from their respective websites through Google AdSense. Of course, if you’re a publisher you’ve already heard about Google AdSense.

With #Google AdX delivers premium demand and thanks to @BridTV's involvement you can fine-tune your ad strategy. Easily adjust your ad inventory on Google’s improved platform. But how does it all work. #videoads #advertising  Click To Tweet

However, as your site flourishes, you’ll be generating additional traffic. That’s where programmatic ad monetization systems provide the perfect solution. With Google Ad Exchange you get premium demand and thanks to BridTV’s involvement you can fine-tune your ad strategy. Easily adjust your ad inventory on Google’s improved platform. But how does it all work. To answer that, you need to know more about things like ad fill rate, ad impressions, ad demand, CPMs etc.

What is Ad Fill Rate?

We strive to educate our publishers as much as we can. Lately one of the most frequently asked questions we get is: What is ad fill rate? Basically, the goal of every ad campaign (apart from bringing in revenue) is to achieve as many impressions as humanly possible at top price. The ad fill rate is closely related to that.

When you’re looking at the ad fill rate it means you’re check out the percentage of ads served out of the total amount of ads that were requested on the website. That would be the technical explanation. In a slightly broader sense, how ads served impressions to website visitors, out of the amount of impressions that could have been served to those visitors – this specifies ad fill rate. By focusing on ad fill rate, you will determine the value and efficiency your ad network. This, in turn, will have a direct impact on your website’s monetization.

Why Are Video CPMs Important?

In case you were unaware, CPM stands for “Cost-Per-Mille.” Mille is Latin for “thousand” and in video content (video ad) measuring it means cost-per-thousand impressions. If you’re revenue is generated through advertising, the video CPM is something you’ll want to keep an eye on. It represents the amount paid by advertisers for their ads to be shown.

To put it another way, specifically, CPMs show how much it costs to display the advertiser’s ad 1,000 times. There are great benefits to the CPM as a unit of measuring ads. Unlike say CPCV, where advertisers don’t pay publishers unless a video ad is watched all the way, CPM does not entail such requirements. In short, CPM in advertising is simple, clear-cut and extremely basic. This is often the best solution for online monetization.

Achieving Higher Ad Revenue With Google Ad Manager

Now that you fully understand how Google Ad Manager works, it’s time to focus on the benefits. BridTV in-house video technology and sophisticated tech can maximize your ad revenue, by introducing your very own Ad Manager (previously referred to as ‘DFP’). Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the main advantages of utilizing the BridTV Ad Marketplace and Google Ad Manager:

  • Google ADX demand.
  • Ad quality.
  • Ad optimization.
  • Ad fallback efficiency.
  • Dedicated trafficking team.
  • Mobile web and desktop monetization.
  • Customizable in-house analytics and ad performance tracking.
  • Higher fill rates and higher eCPM.
  • Revenue share model 70/30 with NET60 payments.

There’s more to it than that, of course.

Ads Marketplace – What You Need to Know

One of our priorities is to keep things simple when it comes to monetization strategy. The Ads Marketplace (Brid ad backfill) system is very easy to implement and even easier to use. Our BridTV backfill gets called when your own first-party ad demand comes up empty (and only then). What’s more, this will not have any effect on your own ad stack. In addition, if you wish to utilize Ads Marketplace without your personal ad stack, you can do so. BridTV can monetize all video content. The best part of this system is that our own tech team devotes its attention to monetization and all the technical hassle, while you focus on video management.

If you’re eager to learn even more about ad backfill and Google Ad Manager, head over to our Ads Marketplace page.

Header Bidding As An Alternative

In regards to Ads Marketplace and Google Ad Manager, we have been getting lots and lots of positive feedback from top publishers in the industry. Additionally, if you’re keen on improving your ad fill rate even further, you might want to consider header bidding with Prebid and BridTV. The simplest explanation is that with header bidding you’ll get to circumvent hindrances such as website/page load times. When the site loads, users want it to be fast. This is particularly important for ad impressions. Faster load times, mean more impressions, more impressions mean more revenue. If this is your goal, then shift your monetization strategy by relying on Header Bidding with Prebid and SpotX.

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