Holiday Video Ideas: Get Creative and Engage Your Viewers
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Holiday Video Ideas: Four Examples That Can Inspire You

Holiday Video Ideas: Get Creative and Engage Your Viewers

The world is preparing to say goodbye to 2021. This means that holidays are just around the corner. As that is a special time of the year, businesses are developing their marketing strategies to surprise and engage customers.

Sales go up around Christmas time globally. People feel the need to surprise their loved ones or buy something for themselves. Last year, holiday shopping accounted for 19.5% of total annual retail income. Obviously, that is a huge portion of the total revenue. If you want to get a share of the pie during this time, you should create unique content that attracts customers to your brand.

Videos have proven to be effective for brands. They help you get your message across and strike a chord with existing and potential customers. This is exactly the content type you should be creating around the holidays. In under a minute, you can show a personal side of your business and invite customers to celebrate the holidays with you.

Holiday videos are perfect for this time of the year. They can help your viewers get into the spirit of giving, which might lure them into your shops. Video is now present everywhere, so customers won’t turn a blind eye to it. In fact, around 84% of internet users in the USA accessed digital video content in 2020. That audience might watch your holiday videos!

In this article, we’ll go over five brands whose content can give you your own holiday video ideas.

Get ready to draw customers!

Why Are Branded Holiday Videos Effective?

Most businesses now include video marketing in their strategies. This content type engages audiences like no other, helping brands reach their marketing goals faster. Instead of reading a lot of text, customers would rather watch a short video. The combination of moving images and sounds holds their attention, ensuring they get to the end of the video.

Video and other content types can persuade your customers to move down the sales funnel:

As you can see, videos can be especially impactful during the holidays. Developing your own holiday video ideas should be your priority right now. Here is what you can achieve with this type of content:

  • Reconnect with your audience without being intrusive. Customers want to see they are more than walking wallets to you. During this time of the year, people prefer holiday greetings that don’t have any sales intent.
  • Prove you put values first and not revenue. What makes you stand out are your values. Instead of being a faceless company, you should show people you care about certain things. This will connect them to your brand on a personal level.
  • Improve your presence in the media and on the internet. One memorable and engaging holiday video can become a smash hit and even go viral. Imagine what this can do for your business!

As you’re preparing your strategy for this holiday season, consider using videos, if you aren’t already! This versatile tool can help you be in the spotlight, drawing more customers to your brand.

Here are five holiday video ideas to get you inspired!

Coca-Cola: “Chimney”

Coca-Cola is renowned for their holiday videos. Sometimes it feels like their marketing campaigns signal the start of the holiday season. Each year, customers can’t wait to see what Coca-Cola has up their sleeves for Christmas. This year is no different, and the company launched the ad simply called “Chimney.”

The commercial starts with a young boy watching TV in his apartment. It emphasizes the community spirit and the act of helping those near you experience Christmas. The boy invites his neighbors to build a cardboard chimney together. Everyone will get a taste of the holidays in this way. After all, the best way to celebrate Christmas is to surround yourself with your loved ones and community.

You can learn a lot from our holiday video ideas. Coca-Cola’s campaign teaches you that it’s way easier to convey a message when you have an overarching theme. In all they do, Coca-Cola’s goal is to ensure people associate their drink with food and social occasions. Come up with a way your customers can associate your products or services with a particular occasion.

Amazon: “Kindness, the Greatest Gift”

The last two years have been marked by the coronavirus pandemic. Around the world, countries have implemented certain measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As we adjusted to the new normal, we seemed to have unforgotten how life was before the pandemic. Amazon wanted to explore this in their holiday ad this year.

Amazon’s newest commercial focuses on a story of kindness and presents a post-pandemic world. It follows a young woman struggling to get out of post-pandemic anxiety. Most of us can relate to her. Going back to your usual routines like attending lectures or traveling can be challenging if you haven’t done it for countless months. In the ad, a neighbor recognizes her struggles and wants to help her.

If you’re coming up with holiday video ideas, remember to focus on storytelling. It is what engages your audience and encourages them to watch. Good storytelling ensures people feel connected with your characters. If they do, your sales will probably go up!

H&M: “Come Together”

Have you ever watched a commercial and immediately knew who directed it? Well, if you’re familiar with the work of Wes Anderson, you’ll know he’s behind H&M’s “Come Together.” It’s pleasing to the eye and includes a gripping story. You’ll want to rewatch it every Christmas!

Starring Adrien Brody, the commercial follows a train that is delayed due to bad weather. Logically, this frustrates the passengers who all want to come home for Christmas. Adrien, as the train master, decides to convert a carriage into a Christmas themed room, fulfilling everyone’s wishes. The spirit of Christmas is alive!

If you watch H&M’s ad, you’ll see it is a high-budget production. However, you don’t need millions of dollars to bring your holiday video ideas to life. If you add soulful storytelling, people will just focus on it.

Don’t be afraid to make your own holiday videos this year. Your customers will want to engage with your brand through this medium!

Apple: “Share Your Gifts”

The holidays have the ability to connect people with each other. When we are together, we get a chance to share our opinions, creativity, and visions. This commercial by Apple encourages viewers to unleash their creativity during the holiday season.

In the ad, a young girl writes something on her MacBook and prints it to secure it in a box. She’s clearly dedicated as all she does is write. This could be either poetry or prose that she feels passionate about. However, she is clearly reluctant to share her creativity with others. Yet, her work goes into the world and gets accepted by people!

You can find many holiday video ideas if you watch Apple’s commercials. They are mastering holiday video marketing. This specific ad has a universal appeal because it tells viewers they should unleash their talents without any fear. By combining masterful storytelling and amazing animation, Apple hit it out of the park!

Work on Your Holiday Video Ideas

During the holidays, people want to feel connected more than ever before. Your brand should draw them in by coming up with holiday video ideas. Record your videos and, as Apple teaches us, don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity!