Best Way to Convince Your Boss to Try Video Marketing
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How to Convince Your Boss to Give Video Marketing a Shot

how to convince your boss to try video

Are you one of those seasoned marketers who are always up to date with all the latest trends? Excellent! Then you must surely know the pain of trying to convince your boss to try video as the latest big thing in the marketing world.

We feel for you! Does telling them that around 240 million people watch videos regularly in the U.S. alone feel like barking at the wrong tree? We thought as much!

The problem is that despite our understanding perfectly well how useful video can be for brands in 2020, our higher-ups often need an extra nudge in the right direction. And the key to convincing them lies in how we get our message across!

What do we mean by that? It’s pretty simple — you have to start speaking your boss’s language! And what language do executives speak? The language of money!

If you’re having trouble communicating to your boss why video is the content of the future and why your brand should try it, stick around. We will give you various tips on how you can get your higher-ups to see your way!

What’s in It for Your Boss?

The first step toward successfully convincing your boss to try video is to put yourself in their shoes. What do all bosses want? They want to profit, of course! That’s what business is all about, after all.

With the above in mind, you have to present your idea in such a way that your boss can clearly see how they can benefit from it. But how can you do that? It’s quite straightforward — there are three primary metrics all business executives want to see go up:

  • Lead Generation
  • ROI
  • Engagement

These KPIs are closely connected to revenue growth, so bosses have a soft spot for them. Luckily, video can help with all three! All you have to do is show your boss just how it can do that.

That is what we’re here to help you with! We’ve prepared a list of bulletproof arguments you can present to your boss to convince them to try video.

Let’s get straight into it!

4 Arguments You Can Use to Convince Your Boss to Try Video

Before we get to our arguments, we have to turn your attention to several crucial aspects of your presentation. You have to be persuasive for it to work

That means you can’t just list general arguments we’ll touch upon and call it a day. No, you have to back them up with cold, hard facts. That means you must speak in numbers! Backing up your claims with evidence is what will earn you your boss’s favor, so don’t forget to do that! Otherwise, your efforts will have been in vain.

Now that we’ve put that out of the way, let’s look at the four arguments you can use to convince your boss to try video!

Video Is Potent at Generating Leads and Driving Conversions

One of the most valuable benefits of video is that it is incredibly versatile, particularly in lead generation and sales processes. “How versatile?” you may ask. Versatile enough that 83% of video marketers stated that video helped them generate leads, while 80% of brands noted it helped them increase sales, according to Wyzowl.

When it comes to lead generation, there are plenty of reasons video is effective:

  • It is engaging.
  • Consumers love videos.
  • It is flexible.

That means you can use video in a variety of different ways to attract prospects. Some of the most notable and creative ways would be:

  • By integrating videos in your email campaigns.
  • Gating your video content.
  • Leveraging videos’ high social reach.

All of the above combined is why businesses can easily generate quality leads with videos.

But what about driving sales? Don’t worry; there are different types of sales videos that can boost your conversions significantly. In fact, videos have been a staple of many brands’ sale processes for years now! 

An excellent example of using videos to boost your sales would be switching up your sales pitches from presentations to videos. Why would you do that? There are multiples reasons:

  • They allow for a more personalized message.
  • You can customize them to suit each consumer better.
  • Making them is less time-consuming than traditional presentations.

The above are just some examples of why spicing up your sales pitches using video can be an excellent way to complement your sales process and drive more conversions. 

More Customers –> Higher Revenue

Better Optimized Sales Process –> More Conversions –> Higher Revenue

Video Has High ROI for the Investment Required

One of the best ways to convince your boss to try video is to showcase its ROI. And it shouldn’t be surprising that video is incredibly lucrative in that department! That might even be an understatement, as 51% of marketers worldwide found video to be the type of content with the highest ROI for their brands.

Unfortunately, when you look at all the professional-looking videos that everywhere around us nowadays, it’s easy to get intimidated by the quality of the recording, the editing, and more. That can be a massive turnoff for many interested in giving video a shot. Why? Because they can easily get unrealistically high expectations!

Contrary to popular opinion, getting started with video doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. No, your videos don’t have to look like they came out of a Hollywood studio to be successful! In fact, some of the most successful brand videos to date are low-budget! Take the famous ad by Dollar Shave Club as an example:

This video kickstarted the brand’s journey to stardom with an incredibly low-budget video. The essential thing here wasn’t how much money they’ve spent on the equipment and editing — it was all about their script and delivery.

Do you want to make the best-looking videos you possibly can, regardless of your gear? Check out these ten videography tips to help you make your videos stand out!

Nothing is stopping you from shooting your first video marketing campaign from your phones. With how much technology has developed over the years, phone cameras have become pretty decent even for semi-professional recordings. But if your boss would prefer to use a real camera, they should know that it’s still possible to create a professional video studio on any budget. You just have to know where to look!

Low Investment –> High Potential –> High Profit

Video Boosts Your Brand’s SEO

The next entry on this list are all the direct and indirect SEO benefits videos can bring your brand. Unless your boss is a living fossil, they are aware that having a strong online presence is vital for their business. That is where strong SEO can help!

If your brand relies on traffic from Google and online sales, showing your boss how video is good for SEO might be the ace that you need to convince them to try it.

So how can videos boost your SEO efforts? For starters, they are excellent at driving organic traffic. As many as 87% of video marketers found a significant boost to their organic traffic after implementing them!

Do you want to learn how to optimize your videos for search engines and drive more organic traffic? Check out these eight video SEO tips to learn more.

Another thing videos can help with is increasing dwell time and reducing bounce rate. That is primarily because most users are more likely to watch a video than read a text page. So including a video on your site’s key pages can help keep your users interested for longer.

Last but not least, videos can help build links to your website. Every seasoned marketer knows how vital link building is for a website’s SEO. In fact, links still account for four out of ten top website ranking factors, according to SEMrush.

graph depicting top 10 website ranking factors

After showing your boss all of these factors, they’re bound to agree to give video a try!

Better SEO –> More Organic Traffic –> More Leads –> More Conversions –> Higher Revenue

Video Helps You Build Social Presence

Whenever you hear the word engagement, you can’t but not think about social media! According to Statista, over 3.6 billion people are on social media in 2020, and that number is only predicted to grow even further. That is nearly half the world’s population!

With the above in mind, developing a presence on social networks as a brand and engaging your audience is essential to success in today’s growingly digital world. But how do videos help you do that?

Firstly, videos are incredibly engaging, and people love them. On platforms like Facebook, people view over 100 million hours of videos daily! And when they do, they often share them. As you can probably imagine, social shares can quickly snowball your content and make it go viral. If that happens, it can single-handedly propel your brand to greatness!

The second reason you can present to convince your boss to try video is that you can easily promote them on a budget. That will allow you to get your content and brand name in front of many eyes quickly. That is the very reason many marketers deem videos as one of the best mediums for building brand awareness!

Do you want to launch your first social media video marketing campaign? Check out this article for tips on creating your strategy.

Finally, getting into video content creation can open plenty of new opportunities and give your business access to new audiences. The perfect example of this would be some of the various social video platforms that have been gaining in popularity recently. The most notable one is likely TikTok, which is universally loved and used by younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z). So if your target audience falls into those categories, video marketing is the perfect choice for your brand!

Social Engagements –> Higher Brand Awareness –> More Leads –> More Customers –> Higher Revenue

Stick to Our Advice, and Your Boss Is Sure to Listen!

If you stick to the tips we’ve provided above, we’re positive you’ll successfully convince your boss to try video! Just remember to outline how they can benefit from giving video a shot, and you’re sure to get them to see your way. Who knows — maybe you can even send them this article instead!

Best of luck to you!