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May 14, 2020
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How to Find the Best Video Marketing Platform for Your Business

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Most marketers out there are well aware of the effectiveness of video advertising for their brand by now. That is why most businesses have been gradually shifting their gaze toward the online video market. There are even numbers that prove that — according to the latest research by Wyzowl, 86% of marketers make use of videos in their campaigns. So why not jump on the bandwagon?

“But how do I get started in such a promising market?” you may wonder. Well, before you can even begin thinking about video marketing strategies, you will have to find an online video platform that suits your needs. That is why we decided to write this article to help you out. We will take you through all the aspects and features you need to look out for when searching for the best video platform for your business.

Let us begin…

What Makes a Good Video Marketing Platform?

We have to start by saying that there is no single answer to this million-dollar question since many factors affect it. Depending on your needs as a business, you may require more or fewer features, higher or lower limits, etc. Despite such varying user needs, the best video marketing platforms will have various options and packages to meet different users’ agendas. Overall, we could say that what differentiates the good from the best is variety, right?

Well, not necessarily. Namely, you could easily find a platform that precisely offers what you’re looking for, even if it lacks in many other departments; it would all depend on your business goals. However, having the most extensive variety of choices is always desirable (and, frankly, expected from the best). And since we’re trying to be as objective as possible here, we’re going to take all the most sought-after features into account, even if your business might not necessarily need them.

So let’s see what characteristics and features the best video marketing platforms have.

Features and Characteristics of the Best Video Marketing Platforms  

Here are all the things you should look for when searching for a reliable online video platform:

Now let’s get into them in more detail!

Strong Infrastructure

Behind every high-quality platform lies a stable infrastructure. But what does that entail when it comes to video marketing platforms? Well, there are a few things you should look for when checking their infrastructure:

  • Cloud hosting.
  • A reliable CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Encoding & transcoding.
  • Ability to set up your brandable domain.
  • High-end security.

By making sure your video platform fulfills all of these criteria, you can ensure a smooth, uninterrupted, and safe experience. Also, another huge plus would be to pick a platform that has around-the-clock customer support. That way, you’d be able to get immediate assistance should any issues arise.

Bandwidth and Storage Limits

If your platform offers hosting services (which it should, by the way), this point could make or break your decision. Now, we understand that video platforms can’t just give unlimited bandwidth and storage to everyone, but some don’t allow for an unlimited plan. Alternately, they may also impose stringent limits on their cheaper subscription tiers, which is also a big no in our book.

Overall, regardless of whether you’re a media giant or a small publisher, you may be left with the bitter taste of disappointment by many video platforms after checking out their available plans. But what do the best video marketing platforms do? They offer multiple different subscription plans with varying limits to meet all of their customers’ needs, of course. On top of that, if you find one that offers a custom pricing option, then you’ve got yourself a winner!


Let’s be real here — not everyone looking to make engaging videos and get into the online video world will be a video-tech whizz. On the contrary, more and more laypeople will be interested in giving video content marketing a go in the immediate future. That is why the best video marketing platforms must be user-friendly and easily navigable.

That is where the design of the platform’s video CMS comes into play. Is everything intuitive and clear? Are there dedicated help and FAQ sections that can assist you? Is it overwhelming or well-organized? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when judging whether your platform of choice is the right one. After all, you shouldn’t have to be a programmer to be able to make your way around and manage your content on a video marketing platform.


In the world where white-label products have become commonplace, not having your video player be one would be detrimental for most publishers. Most brands realize just how much another company’s watermark could damage their marketing efforts. Namely, that would distract their audience from their brand by shifting their attention to another — something you should never let happen.

That is why it’s vital to aim for a white-label, customizable video player. Now, the best video marketing platforms know that, so this is a surefire sign you’re dealing with a reliable provider.

But that is not all. What you should also look for is customizability. But what do we mean by that? Well, here are a few examples:

  • Colorizing your video player.
  • Custom player buttons.
  • Custom player skins.
  • Ability to upload your logo on it.

By having access to so many customization options, you can personalize your professional videos and distinguish them by using your brand’s signature colors, for example. That will help you stand out from the crowd in the online world and enhance your brand awareness.

Live Streaming

According to Dacast, people are watching 47% more live streams today than they did just a year ago, and that number is only going to keep growing. With that in mind, all the best video marketing platforms will allow their users to take advantage of this growing trend by including live streaming in their services. So if you notice a platform that offers streaming in their plans, that’s already a huge plus!

But when it comes to the quality of their streaming services, here are a few promising indicators:


This aspect is essential for many businesses out there, especially those whose emphasis is on professional video content. However, video monetization can be a fantastic addition even to a small publisher’s income since it can be quite substantial, regardless of audience size. That is why all the best video marketing platforms offer their users the ability to cash in on their content. 

But how do you measure the quality of monetization options a platform offers? For starters, some of the top providers out there will let their users both monetize their existing content and let them use it as video ads. Also, they will offer plenty of monetization features that cater to both publishers and advertisers. Here are some examples of features you can expect from some of the best platforms out there:

And let’s not forget that video monetization should be straightforward and intuitive. After all, not everyone is knowledgeable in advertising technology or computer code. Don’t you think that even novices should be able to implement it? 

In-Depth Analytics

What good would a video marketing platform be if it didn’t provide you with the ability to monitor your content’s success? That’s right — this feature is a must, so if the platform you stumble upon doesn’t have it, you should keep looking. All video marketers know the importance of tracking your videos’ success, so having a feature like real-time analytics should be a no-brainer for most. But if you couple that feature with detailed ad analytics, well, you’ve got yourselves a winner!

Mobile Compatibility

We live in a world where over 50% of people watch videos on their phones, so not having the option to cater to your mobile audience would mean missing out on a considerable portion of your viewer base. That is why it is crucial for your player to be mobile-compatible or even have a dedicated Android and iOS app. And for all of you out there with some software development skills, if the platform includes mobile SDKs, you’ve hit the jackpot!


This aspect needs no introduction because it’s likely the first thing most people look at. Indeed, you cannot expect to get anything for free or some meager sum, but there are such things as unreasonably high fees. So regardless of this factor not being on the technical side, it is nonetheless one that you will have to take into account. If you ask us, the best possible option a video platform could give you is to offer you custom pricing tailored to your needs. That way, you will never end up spending more than you need!


This factor might not sound like a big deal, but it is detrimental for many, especially if it’s their first time delving into the world of video. Namely, the best video marketing platforms will never contractually bind you, especially if you are a new user. Venturing into the unknown can be daunting, especially if you are liable to monetary consequences if you change your mind. That is why you should always aim for platforms that won’t force you to legally bind yourself to subscribe. Instead, once you get familiarized with their service and precisely know your needs, you can then consider making a long-term dedication by signing a contract.

Free Trial

The final entry on our list is reminiscent of our previous point, but it’s still an excellent indicator of reliability. The best video marketing platforms display faith in the quality of their product by offering you a free trial of their services, which often proves justified. So always check if your desired platform has a free plan to try out their services or if it offers a free trial option. After all, what better way to identify the quality of service than by witnessing it for yourself?

Now You’re All Set to Begin Your Search

Keeping in mind everything we’ve covered, you’re now ready to begin your search for the best video marketing platform! There are dozens out there, but don’t let that discourage you. We advise you to do some research following our guidelines and try the providers out for yourself before coming to a decision.

In fact, why don’t you start your search here at Brid.TV? Our enterprise-level HTML5 video player and monetization solution might tick just the right boxes and save you a lot of time. Browse through our website, check out how we can help your business upload and monetize video content, and try out our white-label platform for free. If you have any questions whatsoever, send them our way. We’ll get back to you promptly!

Wish you the best of luck in your search!