6 Useful Tips on How to Improve Social Media Presence
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How to Improve Social Media Presence: Tips That Work

Improving Social Media Presence

There are 3.78 billion users on social media right now. These platforms are here to stay, which is confirmed by some estimates that close to 4.5 billion people will be active on them by 2025. As the popularity of social media shows no sign of declining, businesses wonder how to improve social media presence.

Why is it so important to build a better social media presence? The answer to this question is pretty straightforward — customers rely on social media to reach a particular purchase decision. In fact, 83% of people use Instagram to discover new products or services. Additionally, 87% said they took a specific action, e.g. made a purchase, after seeing product information on this social media network.

It is pretty obvious how important social media can be for your business. At the time when the average daily social media usage amounts to 145 minutes, there is no better way to reach and engage your customers than on these networks. But you need to be authentic and consistent to draw the attention of social media users. So, take a step back and consider which areas you should work on to stand out on social media.

If you’re unsure how to improve social media presence, we’ve prepared useful tips to help you build it!

Ways to Build a Better Social Media Presence

Reaching customers has never been easier thanks to social media platforms. So, it isn’t surprising that 71% of small and medium-sized enterprises leverage social media to market themselves. If you’re a brand today, there is a high chance you’re on some social media network, vying for the attention of existing and potential customers. As you’re already active, you should focus on building a better social media presence.

Social media presence refers to the visibility of a brand on social media networks and the relationship it builds with its community. Why is it so important to have a strong social media presence? Well, the stronger your presence, the more trust you inspire in your audience. This trust develops a relationship that goes beyond social media.

What’s more, social media presence can lead to a high engagement rate, an increased brand awareness, and a stronger connection with your followers. To achieve all of this, you should focus on finding out how to improve social media presence. And the following tips will help you with that!

Engage Your Audience

Brands struggled to build a closer relationship with their customers before social media became a thing. It wasn’t as easy to show a personal side of your business when the only thing brands were using were TV commercials and billboards. However, the introduction of social media into our lives changed this. Today, social media is the medium that establishes the closest contact you can have with consumers.

Once you plan your social media strategy, you can start posting your content and tracking your audience’s response to it. The great thing about social media is that you can learn something new with every post. Besides that, it creates opportunities for your customers to connect with your brand. And you should take advantage of them!

Engage your audience whenever you can. For instance, you can invite them to participate in discussions by leaving a comment on your post. On some social media platforms, you can start a “This or That” debate where followers decide which option they like more. Also, Q&As are always a good choice to peak your engagement rate.

These are just some of the suggestions on how to improve social media presence and engage your audience. You can use other tactics as well, keeping in mind that you want to get a reaction from your followers. Make sure to analyze the valuable insights you receive from these posts. They will tell you what your audience likes and dislikes, which you can use to create targeted campaigns that will convert potential customers!

Stay Active and Remain Consistent

According to one study, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. However, it will be difficult for them to find your products or services if you aren’t active on social media. At the same time, you don’t want your existing followers to forget about your brand. That is why you should post regularly to draw attention to your accounts.

If you want to stay relevant on social media, you need to be visible. So, it’s crucial that you are active and publish posts consistently. For some reasons, most brands tend to post every day in the beginning, but as time goes by, they do that less and less. This is because they expect to see results immediately, but the truth is that success doesn’t usually happen right off the bat on social media. You need to be consistent to stand out on these platforms. Consistency is the key, as many brands that know how to improve social media presence would tell you.

If you’re playing the social media game, you should test, experiment, and take risks until you figure out which strategy works for your brand. Some brands that post regularly often run out of content or ideas. But this doesn’t mean you should stop posting for some time. Quite the contrary, just decrease the amount of posts you publish until you decide how you can engage your followers. It might also be helpful to plan your content in advance, ensuring you don’t run out of content.

Publish High-Quality Content

While we’re talking about how to improve social media presence, we should state the obvious. It isn’t enough to just have accounts on various social media platforms. Being present on numerous networks won’t do much for you if you don’t have any quality content to post. That is why you should come up with a social media calendar that includes content aimed at your target audience. You can post the following content types:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Useful content from other brands
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

Determine which content you’ll post based on current trends and issues. Just keep in mind that your feed needs to include content that attracts followers. Some of them will decide whether or not to follow you in just a few seconds. This is why you need to think of creative ideas and ways to lure new followers. These new visitors will scroll down your feed and hit the follow button if your content engages them. With this in mind, ensure you publish high-quality content only!

Let’s see our other tips on how to improve social media presence!

Create Your Brand Voice

Remember when we talked about being consistent? That advice doesn’t extend only to your posting schedule. It actually can encompass the way you present your brand on numerous social media platforms.

Namely, your brand identity should be the same on every social media network. This will make you easily identifiable to consumers around the world. Make sure your messaging and identity are the same whenever you post an update on your accounts. Once you create your brand strategy, you should align it with your social media strategy!

Leverage Influencer Marketing and User-Generated Content

If you build a community on social media, you can expect to get content from members which you can share on your feed. Apart from this, you can reach new followers by collaborating with influencers and partners. In fact, influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract customers who belong to your target audience group. A lot of brands have already turned to influencers to appeal to a certain audience base. And you can try this as well to see if this tip on how to improve social media presence will work for your brand!

Furthermore, user-generated content and influencer marketing are popular because they have social proof. They enable you to build a relationship with newcomers much faster than you expected. After all, they notice your brand on feeds of people they trust. Naturally, they will be drawn to you and feel they can trust you as well immediately.

Analyze Your Competitors

Don’t be afraid of your competitors — analyze their social media activities and try to learn from them. You can grow as a brand if you delve deeper into what others are doing on social media. They are already present on these platforms, and it would be a mistake not to see how they’re faring.

While you’re tracking your competitors, try to see how they are positioning themselves in the market. Do they have a unique approach? How do they attract the attention of customers all over the world? And how do your shared audiences perceive their efforts? Once you find answers to these questions, it might be easier to develop your own social media content strategy.

However, keep in mind that what works for your competitors might not work for you. Be careful when choosing which of their ideas you should adapt.

Social Media Is the Answer!

As we said, having a strong social media presence can help brands achieve various marketing goals, including a higher engagement rate, an increased brand awareness, and others. This is why you should go over our tips and start creating your social media strategy. Trust is, social media is the solution you need to improve your marketing efforts!