Boost Video Views With Brid.TV's Advanced Video Content Matching
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November 18, 2021
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Boost Video Views With Brid.TV — an HTML5 Player With Advanced Video Content Matching

html5 player with video content matching

Are you looking for a way to increase your video viewership and ad revenue? If the answer is yes, you should try an HTML5 player with advanced video content matching!

Why You Should Care

How many times did you get stuck binge-watching videos on YouTube and ended up losing precious hours of sleep because of it? Or how many times did you lose track of time while going through video after video on your favorite news site and ended up being late to pick up your kids from school? Well… That’s A.I. content matching at work right there.

Brid.TV’s advanced video content matching system identifies and serves related video recommendations with the highest possible accuracy to ensure users stay engaged with your content for longer. That means publishers will get more ad impressions and higher revenue!

an image illustrating the relationship between video views, ad impressions, and revenue

Publishers who implemented video content matching saw a 15% increase in video views across the board.

An HTML5 Player for Everyone

Advanced video content matching is just one of the handy features our HTML5 player has to offer. Here’s what publishers who choose Brid.TV can also get:

  • Fast, Lag-Free Video Streaming
  • Lightweight Player With no Unnecessary JS
  • Audio Streaming Support
  • 360 Video Support
  • Customizable Player Design
  • Extensive Ad Support and Monetization Options (e.g., Ad Tag Waterfalling, Video Header Bidding, Intelligent Banner Fallback)

If you’re looking to scale your ad-powered online business, combining Brid.TV’s advanced monetization options with our video content matching system will unlock your business’s true potential.

Want to learn more about our HTML5 player? Check out the link below!

If you have any questions or would like to try our player and all of its features for free, get in touch with us and start your premium trial today!