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July 5, 2019
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Kick Your Business Into High Gear With BridTV Analytics 2.0

When delving deep into the current world of online video monetization, it’s easy to get a bit discouraged if your content or business model underperforms somehow. Don’t fret though. There are several aspects that provide a stable foundation for any online business. At present one of the most effective ways of boosting your online enterprise is video. People engage with videos and the format itself creates a greater impact than any other content out there. In addition, if you have everything in place in order to run your online business, that surely means you’ve been working hard on development, marketing, strategy and other factors that enable you to achieve a steady income, client loyalty, audience retention, and so on. Now, the efficiency of every single one of these factors greatly depends on two things: research and planning; both of which need to be based on valuable data. Let’s say you’re looking into the behaviour of your target audience, or simply gathering ad performance data from your recent online ad campaign. Well, you’re gonna want to have concrete, accurate and reliable information to form a reasonably promising plan for any future business endeavors.

We have come a long way and our innovative tech streamlines monetization for web publishers, featuring a majority of services and solutions, not the least of which is our new and powerful analytics engine.

Filter Your Data to Get More Specific Ad Metrics

One of the primary features of the BridTV Analytics Engine allowing publishers to zero in on just the right kind of data – the kind that’s important to them. Quite often, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which part of your strategy needs reworking. The upgraded analytics engine creates a variety of unique possibilities in terms of data gathering. As you dig deeper into the performance of each of the vital data points in your metrics, you will be able to use many intuitive options and filters that are available in the BridTV CMS.

Accurate Site-based Video Analytics

Data gets more accurate when you filter it according to web site. Our analytics allow you to set the data so you can:

  • Track performance by video.
  • Track performance by site.
  • Track performance by playlists.

Once you’ve established and selected your preferable filters, you can get even more detailed analytics, which can be:

  • Sorted according to ad impressions.
  • Sorted according to ad requests.
  • Sorted according to bandwidth.
  • Sorted according to device/OS.
  • Sorted according to GEO (location)
  • … and so much more.

Customizable Analytics and Data Reporting Tool

Download extremely valuable data.
As you work to improve your monetization strategy, you can rely on our dashboards and detailed completely customizable reports, which are delivered to you after a few simple clicks. So, once you’ve filtered out all of your ad data in the BridTV CMS, you can download all of it using our simple reporting tool (you’ll receive CSV, XLS and PDF for exporting all analytics data). Easy, detailed and incredibly helpful.

How to Boost Your Video/Ad Engagement?

It’s a fairly simple question that leads to a few fairly simple answers. Any ads or videos that you happen to have stretched across various online domains can be tracked and monitored performance wise in the BridTV CMS. Okay, here’s the beauty part: this particular system of tracking and data gathering, involves a huge variety of options. Some of which you can check out below:
Ad Viewability Metrics – Our comprehensive analytics engine now offers you the option to track your ad viewability, thus getting even more accurate ad data.
Per Video Data Reporting – In addition to giving publishers the possibility of getting detailed analytics per video, we also offer you the chance to get per video reports. So, if your online business model is based heavily on ads over video and revenue sharing, you’re gonna want to know exactly how and where your ads performed best (for instance, if the highest number of ad impressions was reached during mid-roll, pre-roll or other).
Precise Ad Metrics – The efficient high-tech ad metrics will allow you to gather specific data and spot any friction points of relevant media and creatives, so you can further improve your business efforts.
Metrics Per Ad Tag – This is one of the many features where BridTV Analytics Engine truly shines. Publishers can utilize accurate metrics that are delivered per ad tag. This is incredibly useful and appears to be an aspect used by many publishers today.
Know What You Need to Fix by Locating Ad Errors – Zero in on specific ads or creatives that have not performed the way you expected to. This is something that is considered to be a vital component of our analytics system.