Live Streaming, HLS Streaming With BridTV and More
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May 15, 2019
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BridTV Live Stream Features DVR, HLS Streaming and More

If you’re a web publisher, you certainly know that audiences are devouring video content these days. Videos have become the main form of expressions for a majority of content creators. For the last several years though, even with the world’s vast library of online videos at everyone’s fingertips, live streams and live streaming have taken center stage. Subscription-based streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu and others are becoming the easiest and fastest way for people to get their hands on everyday entertainment and preferred premium content.

When it comes to video consumption and even online video monetization, Live Streaming is the place to be. Publishers may now efficiently incorporate branding into their product/project via the customized player skin. Just embed an interactive live experience on your branded site and efficiently monetize live stream utilizing pre-roll video ads.

Live Streaming and DVR

With DVR functionality enabled and incorporated into your video management system, you’ll be able to significantly increase interactivity with their live video content. Essentially, viewers can now pause, play, and rewind live events. For anyone who is watching an event after the initial broadcast time, they can now easily head to an earlier position of the video. Easy.
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Keeping an Eye on Bandwidth Consumption

The main advantage of BridTV Live Stream is being able to satisfy your live streaming needs with an intuitive and fast and very easy-to-set-up system. Not only that but publishers are given the options to create multiple renditions in different sizes thanks to live encoding. That’s right, BridTV’s multiple renditions are encoded straight away, hence publishers may select the preferred video quality. The video quality depends greatly on your bandwidth (as well as your Internet connection). Using BridTV Live Stream means you’re going to have to keep an eye on your bandwidth consumption or rather bandwidth stats. This data entry shows how much bandwidth your live streams have spent.

Naturally, Brid supplies publishers with an accurate report on all consumed bandwidth. Tracking bandwidth consumption at any time is seen via our main dashboard, as you log into the Brid CMS. The data provided is displayed in real-time, which is very helpful and gives you precise consumption data almost immediately. In other words, you are able to watch and know your limits, so as to formulate an adequate strategy for you to live stream your projects globally.

Bear in mind that, as the bandwidth increases, so does the video quality. Additionally, BridTV includes full-featured live stream, denoting HLS streaming protocols, which are generated on the fly. HLS is considerably more reliable, faster, and a lot safer than previous video technologies. Utilizing this specifically tailored system is straightforward, and you can find the full details and how-tos here. Videos and events are streamed and recorded automatically. The video then automatically appears in the CMS as a Video-on-Demand (VOD).

Powerful Live Streaming on the Horizon

The DVR update and the current BridTV live stream services are but the tip of the iceberg. Publishers are soon going to be treated to a massive quality boost for their live streaming. The forthcoming upgrade will encompass 4000kbps live streaming. This particular jump in quality will allow you to make the most out of your live video content, live events, or live media.

It must also be said that the viewer experience is the utmost priority, which is why you can rely on a smooth live streaming process, with unparalleled quality, and last but not least, industry-leading publisher and dev support. Also featuring Mobile Live Streaming, BridTV Live Stream was fine-tuned and skillfully crafted for performance, quality, and a glitch-free viewing experience.

Stay tuned for more updates about BridTV Live Stream. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an account, to boost your ad revenue and streamline your business.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for your continued support of BridTV.
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