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October 23, 2018
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November 6, 2018

Native Outstream Unit — The Next Big Thing?

Ads are simultaneously the biggest nuisance for most website visitors and yet they remain the biggest source of revenue for most Internet publishers. Satisfying both sides of the spectrum at the same time may seem like an impossible task. Well, not anymore.
Having a video ad placed in the heart of editorial content is extremely effective because it does not disrupt the user experience.
For ad-supported video businesses, every impression counts. And with the rising complexity of digital advertising publishers are compelled to manage programmatic deals and maximize ad viewability in addition to creating quality content for their audience.

[bctt tweet=”Having a video ad placed in the heart of editorial content is extremely effective because it does not disrupt the user experience. With @bridtv you can do that with an ad tag in the player and with our proprietary native outstream unit.” username=”BridTv”]
Cisco predicted that by 2019 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content and with more than 50% of Digital Budgets already allocated to video there is no doubt that video, as a medium of expression, rules the Internet. To capitalize on the immense popularity of videos publishers are centering their digital marketing strategies around video ads more than ever before.
There are two possible ways for publishers to cash in on their video advertising with in-stream and/or outstream video ads. Instream video ads refer to an ad that is attached to other video content. Outstream, on the other hand, is the video ad that stands on its own and is the content itself (read more: In-stream vs Outstream Video Ads).
Both formats have their advantages, both formats are supported here at BridTV and both formats require publishers to get their ad from ad networks and ad exchanges. Publishers greatly depend on this.

Native Outstream Units Take Center Stage

When it comes to video ad revenue, the Native Outstream Unit is quite simply the perfect answer for publishers who are looking for the direct approach. With it, the publisher has more control over the ad campaign and better insight into the performance of the video ad itself. What’s more, the Native Outstream Unit circumvents a variety of problems for modern-day publishers.
Advantages of native outstream unit:

  1. Ads are user-friendly. They only play when in view and are always sound off by default, respecting the user.
  2. Thanks to extensive tracking pixel support you can turn any video into a native outstream unit and track its performance.
  3. The simple embed code, much like the one you are already getting from BridTV, is all you need to add to your page.
  4. Ad blocking software can’t hurt your business as there are no VAST/VPAID ad tags to be blocked.
  5. You as a publisher can create your own ad campaign any way you want.
  6. With no VAST/VPAID to load there is no complex process that would slow down your performance. No ad waiting, no waterfalling. Everything runs quickly allowing your video to show up amazingly fast.
  7. You can create video playlists with native outstream unit giving people a chance to continue their jurney within the video list you provide.
  8. While Beta testing publishers have experienced 2x better engagement performance. In a way this back Nielsen research that indicated that native ads perform nearly twice as well (82%) compared to pre-roll for brand favorability and 42% better when it comes to purchasing intent.

The biggest challenge in the modern-day video market is to establish a reliable business model that’ll give you exactly what you need – technology that works and, of course, satisfying ROI. As a publisher, your best bet is to keep an eye on all of the accumulated video ad data, as well as having a solution that’s ideal for your business and offers a solid user experience. With the Native Outstream Unit, you’ll no doubt take one large step towards achieving your goals.

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