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Overcome YouTube Tax Policy Changes With a Premium Video Platform

overcoming youtube tax policy changes brid.tv

YouTube’s recent changes to its taxation policies for non-U.S. users left many businesses and creators at an impasse. If you’re a content creator or a brand not based in the United States, you may face up to a 30% income reduction from U.S. viewers starting June 2021!

When you couple that with the fact that YouTube already takes a hefty 45% cut of your ad revenue, it means you are effectively losing up to 60% of your income!

The above makes one thing abundantly clear:

If you are a mid-to-large publisher or creator relying on YouTube to monetize your videos, you are leaving money on the table.

That is where Brid.TV can help you! Brid.TV is a video monetization platform that focuses on helping publishers and creators monetize their hard work and earn more than on YouTube. Here is why Brid.TV offers superior video monetization to YouTube:


  • Publishers are at constant risk of getting unjustly demonetized.
  • YouTube blocks videos from specific creators in some countries.
  • Huge ad demand and low supply lead to low ad fill rates on YouTube.
  • YouTube takes a significant portion of your ad revenue (45%), while publishers only receive 55%.
  • YouTube’s recent tax policy changes will result in many non-US-based businesses losing up to 30% more of their video ad revenue to taxes.
  • YouTube’s sluggish and inconsistent support team makes solving any potential problems hard and time-consuming.


  • Brid.TV doesn’t demonetize videos for their content. You are in complete control over your monetization.
  • Brid.TV does not restrict your videos based on viewers’ geographical location.
  • Brid.TV allows you to monetize your content using as many ad networks as you want. We also offer plenty of features created solely to help publishers maximize fill rates.
  • The only fees publishers have to cover at Brid.TV are the ones ad networks charge. In most cases, that will result in 80%–90% ad revenue for publishers and creators.  
  • Brid.TV doesn’t withhold any additional taxes for non-U.S. creators and brands.
  • At Brid.TV, our tech support is available 24/7 to help you with anything you might need, including migrating your content from YouTube.

Brid.TV also offers you ways to increase your ad fill rate even more. By registering on our Brid.TV Marketplace, we can serve relevant ads on your videos when your ad calls return empty to maximize your fill rate.

Are you interested in trying out Brid.TV? Check out our various subscription plans and start monetizing today!

Interested in a free trial of our platform with all of its features? Contact our representatives and get full access today!