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August 23, 2019
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September 6, 2019

BridTV Video Player Enriched With Extensive Backend PHP API

Our team has successfully wrapped, not one, but three, major updates for BridTV Video Analytics. This is part of the new platform API, which is also ready and available for use. The completely new and revamped backend PHP API can now be utilized for custom implementations with many more endpoints and features. You can get yourself acquainted with the new API inside our developer section here.

In addition, we’ve uncovered 3 times more API methods that can now effectively be utilized; this denotes a full Analytics reporting API, which allows you to pull in data for custom reports. We should also point out that the BridTV legacy API is still operational, but is also scheduled to be deprecated on January 20, 2020. It’s highly recommended that you migrate to the brand new API, seeing us it features considerably more options.

Analytics API

We are determined to expand the work environment and make things smoother and faster for all developers. Using the BridTV Analytics API you may fetch analytics data into your own custom work environment, CMS, platform, via xls sheet, csv etc. With this you will be able to integrate BridTV Analytics into every aspect of your development process. Our highly advanced programmatic method API enables you utilize your analytics and data from the BridTV CMS. This is going to be an immense time saver and it will also allow you to create custom reports. Translate relevant data and key infrastructure into code in order to integrate your Brid Analytics with other business applications.

Brid’s PHP API client. With it, you will be able to programmatically control your entire account. This highly available and scalable API includes feeds for playlists and single media items, player embed codes, ad waterfalls, and access to specific media sources and images. You will also find a reference list of endpoints and syntax for API usage.

Each documentation entry provides precise information on how each API method can be used and an example code so you can get started quickly.

You can download our API helper classes from our GIT repository here which also contains starter example files for usage. You just substitute your authorization token and other required parameters and you are already set up to start your custom implementation.

Access Player API Reference

You can grab accurate and extremely detailed info on all your dev needs. The necessary documentation is provided, so you can custom-create numerous player integrations.

Player Events – Catch certain player events via JS like play, pause, ad impression etc. Implement your own custom code depending on these events.

Player Methods – Control player functionality using the player’s JS API method system. Programmatically control functions like play, pause, load playlist, set ad, etc.

Player Config Parameters – The BridTV Player has extensive support for custom configuration parameters through the embed code. With these you can easily customize your player with minimal front-end knowledge.

Grab Your Code Examples

The vast and rich BridTV code repository includes an array of examples of a variety of player implementations. Bear in mind, that as you read this, the repository itself is growing and practically evolving with more and more new examples. We point this out because it always pays off to come back and check all the new facets and codes that were added.

Basic Code Repo – Explore the basic code repository for custom implementations using the BridTV Player.

Advanced Code Repo – For all the power users out there, browse our advanced code repository and learn how to do complex player implementations and configurations.

Prebid Integration Step-by-Step

Get into our detailed guide for your very own implementation with Brid player. Simple, effective and fast.

Player + Page Prebid Implementation – For implementations where Prebid is already located on-page, just provide the player a unique identifier and you’ve completed your video header bidding setup.

Full Player Bidding – Implement full video player bidding inside the player without any code needed on your pages. The entire setup is containerized inside the player, minimizing hassle on your end.

External Config Implementation – For implementations where you want to have control over every section of Prebid, BridTV gives you this freedom to configure your Prebid wrapper to your liking.

In addition you can discover more about our React Component right here.