Small Business Growth Powered by the BridTV Online Video Platform
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Instream vs. Outstream Video Ads
October 18, 2019
BridTV Updates, Fixes and Improvements
October 29, 2019

Rapid Small Business Growth With Online Video

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The top-of-the-line online video platform is celebrating years of growth. Establishing firm partnerships with industry veterans including Google, Enthusiast Gaming (the largest gaming network in the U.S.), Wibbitz, and more, BridTV is proudly committed to helping out the “little guy.” BridTV started small as well. We still push our platform beyond the limits of modern-day tech. In addition, we encourage small business growth and can gladly help your modest company/brand to evolve. How can we achieve this? Well, by outpacing and vastly outperforming the competition with affordable yet superior video technology.

New Products and Video Ad Tech for Small Businesses Growth

Yep, there’s no doubt that video helps business growth. After all, utilizing video on the landing pages of your web site can improve conversion by 86%. Additionally, 64% of marketers regard the video as the most challenging content to create. It was also noted that viewers retain 95% of the information having watched a video (Forbes)

We are proud to celebrate the new look and expansion of our ads revenue platform and video player. BridTV has been restructuring and revitalizing its business. Accompanying the rise and growth of our powerful video technology comes a fresh start. Small business growth comes with hard work, and above all relying on the right tools and technology.

Building Your Brand Awareness – As a small business you can utilize our HTML5 Video Player Customization to imbue your video content with the spirit and look of your brand. Explore.

Safe and Certain Monetization – Check out Banner Fallback With Header Bidding Ads and Brid.TV Marketplace: Google Ad Manager 360 for Publishers. Yes, BridTV has climbed to the very top of ads revenue platforms, guaranteeing stead growth for both small and large businesses.

Extensive Tech Benefits in A Comprehensive Dev Environment

Ultra-fast and Enhanced Live Streaming Service – BridTV recently issued a major update for its Live Stream service, offering an amazing assortment of benefits for live event streaming via your embedded video player. Explore.

BridTV Video Player Enriched With Extensive Backend PHP API – The constant ingenuity of our engineers and developers the platform’s PHP API has received a huge overhaul. Explore.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s simple, if there are any aspects of your online business you’d like to improve, BridTV can help you achieve that with video. Learn more by contacting us directly: