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B2B: Content Creation Guide and Social Media Strategy in 2019

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As the year 2019 slowly unfolds, content creators and marketers are increasingly seeking out solutions and hacks for content creation and social media strategy. Grabbing a slice of the modern-day online business market means you should focus on making an impact as well as reaching audiences. No matter what you do, it’s obvious that the global market feeds on mass psychology, which is always challenging to predict. However, if you want your brand to echo across the digital marketing plains, your focus must be on social media trends – this is what drives the industry.

Structuring your content strategy according to social media trends and industry trends is the only way you’ll gain some traction, as you spread the word about your product, business or brand.

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Staying on top of your game in the sphere of online advertising and marketing especially can be a daunting task, but it can be achieved by asking the right questions:

  • What are the social media trends in 2019?
  • What are audiences keen on in 2019?
  • What does your niche audience desire?
  • What are the most wanted content formats in 2019 – images (GIFs), short videos, written articles?

Answering these questions will bring you closer to creating more compelling content, thus appealing to your audience.

Your Content Creation Strategy in 2019

Here are four hacks that’ll guide you and help you formulate a successful B2B-oriented content creation strategy for 2019:

  • Plan ahead: plan ahead and stick to accomplishing tasks one by one, which will make it easier to achieve your main objective (or end goal, if you will).
  • Timing: when delivering content, timing is everything, so try to arrive early to a topic, not late to the party.
  • Product and brand exposure: content creation and indeed content marketing has to be subtle, therefore your content strategy must also be subtle, not aggressive; it must be direct, albeit not in-your-face.
  • Stay on top of industry trends in 2019: find out what’s hot right now in your business niche (whether it’s digital marketing, technology, SEO etc.).

Both marketers and business owners who are focused on making a mark on the B2B scene need to look at the broader picture here. If the aim is reaching out to other businesses, you must understand that somewhere along the line you are still reaching out to people, not algorithms or machines. Sure, these days practically every single piece of content you put out goes through some algorithm or filter. But at the end of the line, your content reaches humans, not robots, which means you need to give them value for the time they are giving you. Quality content. Plain and simple.

Next up is pinpointing social network sites — Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter handlers, Subreddits that are best suited for your niche audience. These guidelines will bring you to your ideal content. Follow these few steps when writing your perfect article, or when filming your video:

  1. Tailor your content to suit your niche audience.
  2. Be creative when presenting and promoting your brand.
  3. Reach audiences by using the right tools – content creation tools, analytics tools, and anything from Buffer to Mailchimp, etc.
  4. Never forget SEO optimization.

Embracing Content Trends and Social Media Trends in 2019

Whether you’re a video creator, marketer or writer (heck, or all three), you’re going to want to deliver the kind of content that attracts the right audience. In order to do that, try experimenting with different types of content, and then make sure you keep an eye on analytics to discover how to boost engagement to the max. That’s the part that’ll not only increase your ROI, but make you connect with your audience.

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In the year 2019, algorithms on social network services such as Instagram or Facebook prefer a particular type of content. Namely the kind of content that triggers a reaction, especially content where people leave comments or start a conversation. In this instance, algorithms work a treat for content marketing and digital marketing efforts. Content creators (i.e. page owners) are now motivated to make better content – the kind of content that has an organic reach and drives traffic.

So, how to get organic reach?

The aforementioned algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated, so naturally they are able to tell the difference between top-notch content and content that doesn’t trigger a reaction or engagement.

All you have to do is follow a simple recipe for content creation and you’ll have your own strategy in no time. Not all “content is king,” though, is it? To get to that level of quality, you have to keep working, re-tweaking your content constantly. There are guidelines for making an impact with your content. Stick with creating content that is:

  • Eye-catching – catchy headline, catchy design, catchy direction = visual impact.
  • Narrative-driven – tell a story and make it unique, offer your own spin on things.
  • Engaging – grab the audience right away and keep them engaged throughout.
  • On-topic – create content that’s on-topic, and stick to it, because that’s the kind of content that grabs people’s attention and can even withstand the test of time and bring you a lot of traction in the long run.

If you accomplish this, people will react, leave comments or shares. Other businesses will eventually take an interest in your product/brand. In short, you can wave goodbye to clickbait stuff, and old tricks, because the more you use those, the more likely you are to get shunned by audiences and algorithms on major sites like Google, Facebook or Instagram. Instead of connecting with your audience, you’ll move further away from it.

The Power of AI and Machine Learning

We already mentioned algorithms. For the past year or so, AI in advertising has lead many companies and businesses to major growth. Targeted advertising in particular has seen a tremendous success rate where you have messages or ads that are specifically customized in order to meet the viewer’s interests and needs. In that regard, artificial intelligence and machine learning helped quite a bit, because a programmed AI can zero in on which information is relevant and important to the viewer, thus determining what video ads are effective and which ones fail to connect.

Utilizing particular AI-powered methods will give a huge boon to programmatic advertising, not to mention that it already works wonders for video technologies that use content matching and ad matching to deliver better precision and overall ad experience.

Top Social Media Sites in 2019

Social Media Trends 2019

If you’re eager to get some traction or organic reach with your particular content or brand, each of the following social network sites can help you in this regard:

The main thing with LinkedIn is that no matter what your goal is, you should aim to deliver value. When you set out to make an impact on the modern-day B2B market, LinkedIn is definitely the way to go. Videos, texts, images or indeed any other type of content has a far better shot of getting the kind of exposure you want for your business. LinkedIn videos in particular have skyrocketed when it comes to audience engagement. There are well over 500 million users on this particular platform, reports TechCrunch. It’s fascinating that out of half a billion people on LinkedIn, only 3 million actually share content on a weekly basis – so, that’s just a tad over 1% of monthly users. This translates to roughly 3 million users getting 9 billion impressions every single week. The strategy for LinkedIn is, therefore, pretty obvious – get out there, and start sharing your own content, because this is the perfect place to expose your brand if you’re operating in a B2B climate.

Stronger than ever, Twitter remains one of the top social media sites. It shows the written word is still a powerful form of expression. At the same time, the service remains one of the fastest ways for people to share content, keep an eye on the news, and get informed about events that matter to them. The platform is also a great way to promote your brand or product, and reach out to other businesses. So, sure you should formulate Tweets with powerful words. The latest stats show that over 326 million people use Twitter every month. In terms of posting strategy, you should use images, video and GIFs, if you’re looking to get some traction. Ideally, you should create your own, because the Internet is saturated with other people’s memes, animated images. So, stay original. Statistically, this kind of content generates more impressions, more engagement and clicks than traditional link sharing. The best strategy for a successful Twitter account is reaching out to the right people, publications or businesses – handle this with style, preferably add intelligent and powerful hashtags.

Facebook is already been getting some tremendous figures in 2019, especially on the ad revenue front. Small businesses and large businesses pour every cent they have into Facebook ads in order to push sales. Why? Well, mainly because Facebook is still the most popular social media service. More so than Instagram or other services such as Snapchat and WhatsApp. For instance, 93% of marketers rely on Facebook advertising regularly. Another staggering figure indicates that images account for 75-90% of Facebook advertising performance. In short, if you’re looking for quick hack for a Facebook strategy, just start by using images to get more brand recognition and more views. Similarly to Twitter, words are still powerful. Research and stats have shown that the most effective length for an ad title on Facebook is 4 words, and 15 words for a link description. Of course, if you have the means, then by all means go with videos. Nothing will get you more views or impressions than videos.

Yep, this is a different beast altogether; one that can most certainly be tamed and tailored to your benefit. YouTube is a great platform for building your brand name. Google has altered its Partner Program and prerequisites for channel monetization back in early 2018, making it tougher for channel owners to earn money from videos. That should not discourage you. Quite the contrary, there are some amazing advantages that only YouTube can provide. It’s fast, it’s free and easy-to-get-into. Of course, if you’re looking for simpler and faster ways to monetize your videos or get more ad revenue, there are alternative video platforms to help you achieve these goals.

Probably best suited for personal promotion, celebrities and influencer marketing, Instagram serves as the hub for millions and millions of individual-driven narratives or rather “Stories” – a feature that pushed Instagram into the very top of video sharing services. Originality is the key thing here. As a content creator, this is where your originality and personality can truly shine.

Video is at the Heart of Every Industry

While you have to customize your content and posts for each of these networks differently, there’s one thing all of them have in common – videos. As a format, video outperforms all other content. It’s more popular than audio, more utilized than the written word and certainly gets more engagement than any other type of content.

Videos are the most powerful tool to reach audiences on any platform, be it your own site, or social media.

All you have to do is kick off by using some of the abovementioned guidelines. It’s not much, but it’s more than enough to set you on the right path for the year 2019.

Remember, while it is true that videos dominate the digital market, you need to have a good script before you get that message out the door. But that’s an entirely different story, and a topic for another time…