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June 18, 2018
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July 3, 2018

SpotX Header Bidding Built Directly Into BridTV Video Player

For many publishers, header bidding has become a game changer for display advertising, as well as video. We already talked about video header bidding and how groundbreakingly effective, fast, straightforward and easy-to-use we’ve made it in March 2018. But before we continue, here’s a brief reminder.

Essentially, header bidding gives publishers an opportunity to offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time, before making ad calls to their servers.

Today we’ve reached another milestone implementing SpotX header bidding directly into the BridTV player.

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When embedded on the page the player will complete your Spotx bid call as soon as it can and if a valid ad is returned from SpotX, it will display it inside the player. To use this feature, please follow these steps.

  1. Log into the CMS.
  2. Select a site and go to your player’s list.
  3. Edit a player where you wish to use Spotx header bidding and click on the MONETIZATION drop down.
  4. Here you should see the PRE BIDDING section where you can enter your SpotX channel ID and floor price. Enter both of these values and save your player.
  5. Done.

If you are utilizing our ad waterfall feature set as well with Spotx bidding, the tags set in your waterfall will get called after the Spotx bid if it doesn’t return an ad for any reason.

If you are not sure what your Spotx channel ID is, please contact your Spotx representative for this information.

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