4 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools for Any Business
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Top 4 Social Media Marketing Tools for Any Business

In the past decade, social media has become a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, around 3.5 billion people around the world actively use these platforms to share status updates, photos, and more. But, social media isn’t only home to personal profiles anymore. With consumers leading digital lives, brands are active on these networks as well. Many of them use social media marketing tools to manage their profiles. And we’ll tell you later why you should consider using them as well.

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Before that, it’s crucial that you perceive social networks as your allies. They don’t exist so a customer can leave a bad review on them about your service. Quite the contrary, they exist so that you can bridge the gap and reach your audience. It’s undeniable that they shape the way your customers see you. In fact, active social media presence can help you in many ways. Here’s why:

So, it’s obvious that the way to a customer’s heart is through social media marketing. And if you’re ready to create an account, we’ll list tools that can help you with your posts and more. Here are those we’ll cover (in no particular order):

But first, let’s see why these social media marketing tools are beneficial.

Social Media Marketing Tools: The Benefits

Nowadays, brands create social media profiles to achieve their marketing goals. Posting an engaging video or retweeting a viral tweet can do a lot of things for your business. Namely, you can increase brand awareness, boost conversion rates, and drive more traffic to your website. All of this if you just become active on social networks. Indeed, 90% of marketers say that social media generates massive exposure for their companies.

However, most of them wouldn’t have been as successful if it weren’t for nifty software. How have these tools helped? Let’s find out.

Schedule Posts

The industry offers a wide range of social media management tools that help you compose posts, curate content, or organize your accounts. All of them have the same goal: saving time. After all, we know how important it is to be as efficient as possible in this industry. And going back and forth between platforms can be time-consuming. You can circumvent this problem by using tools that allow you to schedule posts.

Social media scheduling tools help you schedule and track every post you’ve created on different social networks. Also, they make it possible to work with a larger team. If you give access to numerous employees, every post will be seen by different individuals before going live.

Here’s an outline of what these scheduling tools can do:

  • Share the same post to multiple networks
  • Plan and organize your social posts using a dynamic calendar
  • Analyze social media data to post content during peak engagement times

Thanks to the development in technology, scheduling content has never been easier!

Track Data

Social media marketing tools have advanced so much that they can now track data as well. It’s understandable why this feature has been added. After all, you don’t know how well your social media strategy is performing without data.

So, if you want to track Facebook comments, measure Twitter click-throughs, or evaluate your reach on Instagram, these tools can help you. They present information in a concise way, letting you see how effective your campaigns are. Let’s see additional things these tools bring to the table:

  • Track the performance of all social networks in one place
  • Identify those messages that resonate most among your followers
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns

These tools also acknowledge that data is everything in this industry!

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Monitor Engagement

It’s important to monitor engagement if you want to see how responsive and efficient your brand is online. Every marketer knows that instant and consistent interaction builds trust and loyalty. So, this is the area you should focus on as well. Here’s how social media management tools help you monitor engagement:

  • Gather all of the messages from different networks and put them in the same inbox
  • Inform you of all the mentions of your brand
  • Assign messages to employees who are more knowledgeable about a particular topic

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits, let’s see which tools you might want to add to your social media.


We’ll start with one of the most popular social media marketing tools in the industry.

Most brands are present on multiple social media platforms. As we’ve mentioned, managing content on numerous accounts can be time-consuming. So, how can you shorten the process? Well, you can use Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a powerful platform that allows marketers to easily manage profiles from a single dashboard. While on that dashboard, you can schedule posts and publish them on different channels. This platform also presents your social content in a collaborative calendar, making it easier for you to go over your history.

Additionally, Hootsuite easily integrates with other networks, including Facebook and Instagram. Once integrated, it offers an in-depth look at your analytics, helping you measure content engagement. Another perk is that you can see all of the comments and mentions in one place. Apart from this, you can also assign tasks to the most skilled individuals from your team.

All of these automation features allow marketers to be more productive.

Top Features:

  • Helps you maintain a strong social media presence by letting you schedule as many posts as you want
  • Secures all sensitive information, including passwords
  • Lets you organize content with ease


Another recognized social media marketing tool is certainly Buffer.

At first, Buffer was a scheduling tool for Twitter. However, it now supports all the major social media networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Like Hootsuite, Buffer also has the option to schedule any post type and publish it on numerous channels. In addition, this platform lets you choose when you want to automate posts, narrowing them down to “every day” or “on weekdays.”

What’s more, you can plan your marketing strategy based on in-depth insights Buffer offers. Here, you can measure social media performance and see how close you are to achieve your goals. Apart from this, Buffer’s interactive dashboard can create reports for all of your social media accounts.

Generally speaking, Buffer performs all that boring work marketers hate.

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Top Features:

  • Offers the Chrome extension that allows you to add and schedule articles from different websites to Buffer
  • Has “link shortening” option
  • Gives access to complex analytics that measure the performance of your posts


MeetEdgar is so much more than your average social media marketing tool. Yes, it offers the usual options like content scheduling, but it takes things to the next level with additional features. Namely, if you want a software that can create evergreen content, look no further than MeetEdgar.

Prepare to be amazed even more. This social media management tool can automate content for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Relying on machine learning, Edgar reads through your blog posts and generates posts for your social media. It saves you time and ensures all your updates are written in your unique voice.

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As for evergreen content, MeetEdgar analyzes your posts and regularly publishes those that showcase your core philosophy. By reposting your evergreen content, you can boost traffic and increase engagement. Also, you can keep track of your posts and see how customers react to them. MeetEdgar shows you the performance of every update, telling you what kind of posts you should continue writing.

If anything, MeetEdgar is the prime example of how much technology has advanced.

Top Features:

  • Imports evergreen content and recycles the older updates
  • Creates a library of updates and edits
  • Examines your blog posts and creates updates for social media


You can’t find success in the marketing world without researching. If you want to produce great results and leave your competitors in the dust, it’s important to know and understand their choices. But you also need to be certain that what you are doing is performing well. This is where the next social media marketing tool comes in. We’re talking about BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo is a research tool that discovers new and popular topics on the internet. With this information, you can create the content your consumers want to see. This tool can also sort stories, helping you locate emerging viral content. We have to say, this is beyond helpful. Most content creators know that sometimes you create new content in the blink of an eye. However, other times it feels like pulling teeth because you can’t come up with anything. Well, BuzzSumo can definitely inspire you with ideas.

Additionally, it offers real-time results so you can track performance for just-released content. With BuzzSumo, you can even tap into influencer marketing. Specifically, this social media marketing tool identifies influencers who share keyword-related content. Once you locate these influences, you can connect with them or research ideas for your blog.

With BuzzSumo, you can be at the top of your game.

Top Features:

  • Locates content that has a lot of shares on social media
  • Tracks your competitors and analyzes their content
  • Sends keyword alerts

Social Media Marketing Tools: The Future of Marketing

We truly hope you enjoyed our list of social media marketing tools. By all accounts, these tools seem to be the future of marketing. So, if your brand is present on social media, we suggest you try one of these platforms. They will help you track the performance of your posts and perform those time-consuming tasks instead of you. Ready? Start conquering social media now!