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October 17, 2018
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Top 7 Video WordPress Plugins

With the majority of online businesses resorting to WordPress for development and CMS purposes, having an adequate set of WP-related tools has become a necessity. According to a recently conducted survey, it was established that WordPress boasts a 59.4% market share, and therefore is regarded as the most used CMS in the world.

The vibrant and ever-growing online video market is teeming with video WordPress plugins. This is why it may take you some time to sift through all of them before you opt for the WP plugin that suits your preferences and business needs. To help you in this search, we’ve singled out some of the top choices that are currently available, so take your time and take your pick.

BridTV WordPress Plugin

BridTV WordPress Plugin
BridTV is essentially a free-to-use CMS and video platform, which allows you to upload and monetize existing or custom videos. And therein lies to the beauty of this service – the monetization of video content. But that’s not all. The well-designed and easy-to-use platform also features a WordPress plugin that helps you integrate seamlessly video players and content to your WP-powered site or blog.
Here are the of the BridTV WordPress plugin:

  • A pure HTML5 player with Flash fallback
  • VAST and VPAID support for video monetization
  • 33+ custom designed HTML5 skins to use
  • Responsive player sizing
  • Amazon Cloudfront video hosting
  • Unlimited encoding thanks to our partnership with
  • Powerful analytics
  • Absolutely free as long as you don’t need video hosting or encoding.

Vimuse – Media Player WordPress Plugin

Vimuse - Media Player WordPress Plugin
Utilizing the Vimuse HTML5 Media Player gives you an opportunity to dive into a WP plugin that enables both audio and video play, complete with a slick and intuitive UI. There’s an option to play your own audio/video files or videos via Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Apart from that, the WP plugin offers the following key features:

  • Play video and audio files.
  • HTML5 playback with Flash/Silverlight fallback.
  • Create your playlist by adding your own files/items or through Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion feeds.
  • All files are uploaded through the WordPress Media Library, which allows you to use pre-existing files from the library.

Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin

Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin
If you decide on using the open-source software called Easy Video Player, what you’ll get is basically a straightforward and user-friendly WordPress video plugin for showcasing all your videos. In addition, it’s also possible to embed self-hosted videos (and externally hosted videos) that utilize direct links. All you need to use this particular plugin is a self-hosted website that’s running on WP hosting. Otherwise here’s a number of features you can enjoy with the Easy Video Player:

  • Embed MP4 video into your website
  • Embed responsive video for a better user experience while viewing from a mobile device
  • Embed HTML5 video which are compatible with all major browsers
  • Embed video with poster images
  • Embed video with autoplay
  • Embed video with a loop
  • Embed video with muted enabled
  • Customize the video player using modifier classes
  • Embed video using three different skins
  • Embed video using the MediaElement player or default WordPress video player

Arve WordPress Video Plugin

Arve WordPress Video Plugin
If you’re on the lookout for WordPress plugin for videos, this one could be just the ticket. The handy Arve WP Video Plugin is probably one of the fastest and simplest ways for implementing videos on your site. The well-crafted plugin supports quite a lot aspects suitable for modern-day video use on WordPress sites. Arve boasts an abundance of features; you can check what is but a small sample of some of the many available features:

  • SEO friendly, lets you specify title, description, upload date to provide search engines with the data they like to have for better indexing.
  • WYSIWYG support. No more messing around with shortcodes and previewing.
  • Newly improved dialog for embedding videos.
  • Magically makes those URL embedded videos responsive.
  • No ‘lock in’ if do not use shortcodes and use providers WordPress already supports.
  • Supports almost every video host that supports iframe embed codes.
  • Embeds via pasting the URL in its own line just like WordPress!
  • Optionally use very powerful Shortcodes instead.

Featured Video Plus WordPress Plugin

Featured Video Plus WordPress Plugin
Enabling this WordPress plugin will open the door to a wide variety of welcomed video features that are ideal for any video embedding or video posting on your domain. HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo and an assortment of any video types and services are all supported with Featured Video Plus. Check out some of the cool features below:

  • Automatical replacement or using a shortcode.
  • Custom display conditions: only for sticky posts, only on the index page, only when viewing posts and pages, or only inside the main query of each page.
  • Auto video resizie for responsive design.
  • Left, right and center alignment options.

YouTube Widget Responsive WordPress Video Plugin

YouTube Widget Responsive WordPress Video Plugin
This is the one you probably cannot do without. The Youtube Widget Responsive represents a WordPress video plugin that adds Youtube videos to your sidebar widget (or indeed a regular post). You have the possibility of playing YouTube playlists. Just enter a YouTube playlist id, channel id or an idea for one video id as the playlist source. The beauty is that the player will be fully responsive. Resizing is fast and smooth and works well on all mobile devices.
With this plugin you can expect the following features:

  • Choosing minutes and seconds of the start and end of the video
  • Automatically subtitles
  • Auto-hide video progress bar
  • Choose the theme of controls bar
  • Choose a color of the progress bar
  • Show controls bar
  • Loop mode
  • Enable fullscreen
  • Automatically start video
  • Mute video On/Off on start
  • Hide YouTube logo
  • Hide title
  • Privacy Mode
  • Enable the suggested videos at the end of playback
  • Can be set max-width
  • Tracking playing for each video on analytics event
  • Use the fields to improve the SEO on video
  • Write a description below the video
  • YouTube Button subscribe

VdoCipher WordPress Plugin

VdoCipher WordPress Plugin
VdoCipher is a pretty solid video plugin allows users to host video content on their WP website. The cool thing about this plugin is that it allows you post and control your video content, and it involves a protected video streaming service involves thanks to Video Encryption, Backend Authentication and Watermarking. The plugin also features an array of WP membership plugins, such as Restrict Content Pro, MemberPress, WP eMember and more. You can learn more about VdoCipher right this way.

Now, over to you! What’s your favorite WordPress video plugin? What did I miss out? Let us know, we’d love to share them in future posts.

Leave a comment in the comment section below! and thank you for reading!