Twitter Fleets: Another Social Media Feature for Marketers
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Twitter Fleets: Make Your Tweets Disappear After 24 Hours

Ephemeral content is the latest buzzword in the marketing industry. Brands want to take advantage of the fear of missing out (FOMO) to get their customers to interact with their posts. And social media platforms have made this possible.

After the success of Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat, Twitter has decided to join in on the fun. The network now has its own stories feature called Twitter Fleets. With this launch, brands can now use Twitter in a whole new way, establishing a more personal connection with their followers.

The company began testing Fleets in March 2020. Twitter made the feature available in Brazil first, but it quickly began adding it to other countries. After getting positive responses from users, Twitter Fleets have become a regular part of the network.

With this in mind, marketers should get ready to post ephemeral content on Twitter. But, how does the feature work and how can your brand use it to engage your followers?

We will tell you everything we know so far in this article!

What Are Twitter Fleets?

Over 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day. It’s more than obvious that people are in love with disappearing content. Taking a cue from other social media platforms, Twitter has finally enabled its users to try out ephemeral tweeting!

According to the platform’s blog post, Fleets are for sharing fleeting thoughts (thus, the name) that can spark conversations between your followers and you. Any content you post, including  texts, photos, or videos, will disappear after 24 hours. This may trigger Twitter users to interact with your content more because they won’t see it on your profile after those 24 hours are up.

Twitter Fleets are similar to Instagram Stories, so marketers won’t find it difficult to master this new feature. Just like on Instagram, there is a bar with circular icons at the top of your feed that shows all the Fleets posted by accounts you follow.

If you want to encourage your followers to interact with your tweet more, you can share it in a Fleet. For instance, Twitter shared someone else’s tweet in the new feature:

How to Send Your First Twitter Fleets

Most marketers know that having an online presence is more important now than ever before. As COVID-19 has spread to most countries, daily internet usage has increased. But even before the pandemic, customers used the web to either find new brands or connect with their favorite businesses. About 3.5 billion of them are on social media which has made these platforms especially valuable for marketers.

To get noticed on social media, you need to follow the crowd and consider how you can use various features to increase people’s interest in your brand. One of your options is Twitter Fleets. And the latest feature works just like Instagram and LinkedIn Stories.

Here’s how to use it!

Tap the Circle at the Top of Your Feed

If your brand is active on Instagram or Facebook, Fleets will be a piece of cake for you. To post your content, open Twitter’s app and tap on the Fleet icon located at the top of your feed.

Create Your Content

Once you navigate to Fleets, you will see several options. You can capture a picture, make a video, upload existing content from your camera roll, or simply create a Fleet by writing any text you want.

Add Text to your Fleet

Twitter enables you to enhance your Fleets by adding text or changing the color of the background.

Reveal It to Your Followers

All that is left after that is for you to post your first Fleet! Simply click on “Fleet” located in the upper right corner of your screen and your followers will be able to interact with your content!

How Brands Could Use Twitter Fleets

Now that you know that using Fleets is as easy as ABC and that you can share text, videos, or photos in a few seconds, it’s time for you to plan your posts. Luckily, we are here to give you a few ideas.

Let’s see how your brand could use Twitter Fleets!

Offer Behind-the-Scenes Content

Customers connect with their favorite brands on social media to get the latest news about products or services. They want to see photos or videos that show how your company can solve their issues. With these posts, you can move your existing and potential consumers down the sales funnel.

But, don’t forget that social media platforms are also home to engaging and fun content. In fact, research shows that customers enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes posts from brands. This humanizes businesses and establishes a more personal connection between customers and them. Twitter Fleets is the right feature for this!

While tweets are a great way to share well-worded posts that a lot of people may see, Fleets enables you to show a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your company and employees. As a result, you will come across as more authentic and relatable to your followers. We’ve seen many brands use Instagram Stories to give off that vibe!

Publish Limited-Time Offers

We are only a few days from Black Friday which means that businesses have already launched or plan to launch their limited-time offers. One great way to promote your exclusive deal is to post it on Fleets. This goes for any temporary offer, sale, or coupon code your brand might come up with — not only for the Black Friday deal!

Because they disappear from view after one day, users won’t find these codes or promotions every time they visit your business profile. This might create a sense of urgency that will encourage them to make a purchase, apply a coupon code, or access your website to learn more about your offers or products/services.

Interact With Followers

Twitter is popular among brands because it gives them a lot of opportunities to connect and interact with fans. Not only that, but the platform also enables businesses to reach customers who might have not purchased with them before.

Just take a look at Wendy’s profile. Over the years, Wendy’s has become popular because of its Twitter roasts. Now, even those who hadn’t previously tried their food visit the restaurants for a chance to get roasted by Wendy’s on social media. Here’s one example of their famous roasts:

Twitter Fleets can also be a helpful tool for interacting with followers.

If you’re active on Instagram, you might see a lot of content where brands ask users to send them questions or respond to polls. As a result, brands create new Stories where they publish user-generated content, images, or videos. Users then feel like the brand values their opinion and input. Why not use Fleets for this as well?

Social Media Users Love Disappearing Content

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements that try to sell products or services to them. This gave rise to banner blindness, a phenomenon where website visitors ignore pieces of information that appear like ads. But, advertisements aren’t the only content you can share with your customers.

Marketers have changed the industry by publishing posts that show brands in a different light. And they mostly use social media to reveal a more human side of the business. So, those who follow companies on these platforms expect to see images or videos that don’t only promote products or services, but reveal that brands are just like them. This authentic feel encourages followers to interact and be more than just a passive consumer.

Twitter Fleets want to achieve this as well. According to the network, the aim of the new feature is to promote deeper and personal conversations. As a result, users cannot retweet a Fleet, but they can respond to it via direct message.

So, if you want to create ephemeral content and are active on Twitter, Fleets is the place where you should post it!

Start embracing disappearing content just like social media and customers have!