Immortalize Your Summer Vacation With Summer Videos
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Use Video to Capture Your Summer’s Wildest Moments

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The peak of the summer vacation season is here, and we hope you’re all excited about it. We know we are! Whether you prefer to spend your summer holiday chilling by your backyard pool, sipping margaritas all day, hitchhiking across the country, or kayaking through some of the world’s wildest rapids, fun is guaranteed! But why not share that excitement with your friends, family, or even the world using summer video?

We live in the times when immortalizing our experiences is as easy as one, two, three. All it takes is a single click of a button. We don’t even need to carry a bulky camera around with us anymore since technology has advanced so much that our phones contain everything we need. They can shoot high-quality photos and even record videos at whim. And yes, we know you have your phones around all the time. So there is no excuse not to use them! 

Using video to capture your summer’s highlights, you will have something to come back to that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. After all, who wouldn’t want to relive some of the best moments of their lives? So let us dally no longer but see how you can use summer video to immortalize your vacation!

Best Ways to Immortalize Your Summer Vacation

Just a few decades ago, recording a video was incredibly challenging and required a ton of expensive and bulky equipment. But today, anyone can do it! Regardless of whether you’re an avid video maker, here are a few ideas on how you can use the power of video to capture your summer’s best moments!

Record Your Best Moments in the Most Unexpected Places

Do you plan to go snorkeling in the Caribbeans? Excellent! Bring your phone and get your camera ready because you’re going to record your adventure. “But how?” you may ask. It’s quite simple — all you need is a waterproof phone case, and you’re all set!

Are you more of a daredevil type? Did you plan to go paragliding this summer? Don’t worry; you can record that too! Did you ever wonder how your friends would react when you told them that the breathtaking aerial video you’re showing them was your handiwork? Enjoy the looks on their faces; they’re bound to be priceless!

Overall, anything is possible nowadays! So if you have a particularly wild idea in mind for your summer video and are unsure whether it’s possible, the answer is likely yes! 

Use Instagram to Share Your Adventures

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks, and it offers plenty of opportunities to share your summer highlights. Whether you will decide to keep your close ones up to date by updating your Instagram stories regularly or plan to upload your recorded adventures on Instagram IGTV, the platform is perfect for you!

And nothing is stopping you from having some silly video fun too! If you have a gag in mind or a funny summer skit in mind, you can make short clips on the spot with Instagram reels! There is no better platform than Instagram for sharing your summer adventures!

Post Your Craziest Moments on TikTok

Do you have a wild experience to show off, such as a killer dance-off or a prank you’ve been preparing for days? Share your crazy summer video on TikTok!

This app is perfect for all the fun moments of your summer holiday. The short-video format of this social video platform encourages highlights — precisely what you’re aiming for! And let’s not mention that there are plenty of ideas you can find on the platform if you’re feeling particularly curious! Who knows? Maybe you’ll come across something you’d fancy trying while browsing through TikTok’s #summer hashtag.


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Go Live on Facebook to Give Your Friends a Taste of Your Vacation

Are you sad your friends aren’t with you to share your adventures? Who says they can’t? Social media live streaming is a thing now! That means you can give your close one a real-time broadcast of all of your best summer experiences. 

The best place to go live is on Facebook! Using that feature, you can keep your friends regularly updated on what they’re missing. Oh, and why not engage them in your adventures? Have them come up with exciting ideas for you or play with them a long-distance game of Yahtzee or Battleships in the evening while lounging in your hotel.

There was never a better way to share your experiences than live streaming them to your loved ones or the world. So don’t hesitate to get on Facebook Live during your vacation — you won’t regret it!

Make a Summer Highlights Reel

Are you sad about finally returning home from your trip? Don’t be — you will get to enjoy all your summer’s best moments all year long by making yourself a summer highlights reel! Grab all your summer video footage and go through it thoroughly. Pick a few of the best moments and create a highlight reel! And if you want to add a creative twist to your compilation, you can do some (or all) of the following:

  • Add some suitable music.
  • Include funny captions.
  • Add some special effects.

After you’re done, you’re ready to present your vacation to all of your friends and family proudly. And who knows? Perhaps your highlights find their way into your grandchildren’s’ hands one day!

How to Spice Up Your Summer Vacation Videos

Regardless of how you decide to use your summer videos, you can do a few things to spice them up! 

Include Some Killer Tunes

Did you go on a summer trip to hilly Scotland to visit the Loch Ness? Why not add some sweet bagpipe tunes to your video? Or did you perhaps go on an African Safari in the African steppes? How about adding some traditional African melodies or some tribal drums?

The addition of music to your summer videos or highlight reels can transform them from exciting to viral material! And you don’t have to end there; why not include some sound effects? These can add a unique, even humorous twist to your videos if used correctly. The world is your oyster!

Use Filters

Filters are particularly popular types of effects, especially if you plan on using platforms like Instagram or Snapchat to share your summer highlights. These can turn otherwise serious videos and images upside down! From animal filters to sex-changing ones, using these can result in some hilarious gems. One of the most popular ones is undoubtedly the infamous dog filter. 

emoji with a snapchat dog filter on

So don’t be afraid to look silly — that’s the entire point!

Do Some Sleek Edits

If you have any video editing experience, tinkering with your summer videos can be incredibly fun! But even if you don’t, why not experiment a little? Introducing a few jump cuts, special effects, or making a montage can go a long way at making your highlights more dynamic and impactful.  

Have a Wonderful Summer!

We hope you’ll have tons of material to share with your close ones after your summer holiday. If some of these summer video ideas tickled your imagination, try them out! And if you’d like to share them, we’d be love to see your handiwork! Feel free to write to us on social media.

We wish you a fantastic summer!

The Brid.TV Team