7 Best Video Ad Networks and SSPs for Publishers and Advertisers
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February 5, 2021
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7 Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers & Advertisers

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What is one of the never-changing goals for publishers? Getting their message across to the desired audience! That goal is getting increasingly difficult to achieve, though. Services like Google and Facebook are the primary advertising platforms for pushing paid ads out the door, and reaching customers is getting more challenging by the day. That is why many businesses have been turning toward other platforms for their advertising needs lately. Nowadays, there are many video ad networks to choose from, and each can bring you closer to your business goals. No longer is running the competitive advertising race on Google or Facebook your only option!

Moving away from these two giants and switching to other advertising networks eliminates having to deal with other companies competing in the same market. With services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, you can easily connect with audiences and get the ball rolling. But as far as paid advertising goes, these industry giants may not be the best solutions.

Many supply-side platforms and video ad networks out there are tailored to publishers’ needs and streamline their advertising efforts. Aside from automation, these services offer various tools publishers can use to track their videos’ performance and maximize video ad revenue. So if you aren’t using one, you’re missing out!

In this article, we have singled out a range of video ad networks that have already proven useful for publishers. Quite a few of these were tailored to suit modern-day B2B climate. But before we get to it, let’s cover some basics for newcomers to the industry! If you’re only interested in our ad network recommendations, feel free to skip to them from the table of contents below.

What Are Ad Networks?

An ad network is a platform that acts as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers and looks to curate ad inventory from publishers to sell it to advertisers. Most content creators and publishers who have ad space turn to these ad platforms to find buyers. On their part, advertisers go to ad networks in search of suitable inventory for their needs. As a publisher, you will earn money from selling ad space in exchange for a cut of your revenue.

If you want to tap into the power of online advertising but don’t know much about impressions or cost per mille, ad networks can help you! They are the ones who negotiate all the terms with buyers, including audience targets and cost per impression. After sealing the deal, they then perform tracking, targeting, and reporting on your ad campaigns.

What to Look for in a Video Ad Network

Most of you are probably wondering how to go about selecting a video ad platform. What kind of features should it have? Well, that’s what we’re here for! When choosing your perfect partner, here’s what you’ll want:

Targeting Options

Go with a platform that enables you to be as specific as possible about your audience. That means you want to have additional targeting options like contextual targeting and geo-targeting. Not only that, but it will also be a plus if that network allows you to show ads based on the behavior patterns of your audience. Displaying only the most relevant ads will exert a positive influence on your conversion rate. 

Powerful Analytics

A video ad platform should provide you with powerful analytics that evaluate your ad campaigns and inform you how your video ads are performing. With this information, you can actively work on perfecting your strategy.

A Wide Range of Formats

We tend to consume information and media on all sorts of devices today. Indeed, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. This data proves that your ads should be able to reach consumers on different devices. Therefore, choose a network that supports a wide range of systems.

But remember, having a variety of video ad formats is also crucial. You can experiment with different types and determine which format is the best for your video ad campaigns. 

Now that you know what to look for in a video ad network, let’s move on to our list of some of the industry’s most notable names.

7 Tried-And-True Video Ad Networks

The list of seven best video ad networks below will help publishers deal with the pressures of swimming in murky and competitive waters of advertising on platforms such as Google or Facebook. These ad platforms can give digital businesses the kind of exposure and growth they need at competitive rates! Here are some of the best video ad networks to have graced the modern digital advertising market:

1. Springserve

springserve video ad network logo

SpringServe is undoubtedly one of the top picks for delivering top-notch ads. Their services include a vast assortment of state-of-the-art ad serving tools. They also focus on allowing publishers and advertisers to fine-tune their ad serving experience. You can also expect a speedy and intuitive user interface with the brand-new SpringServe release. This video ad network covers various services, including improved header bidding and macros for GDPR compliance

SpringServe also features automatic optimization that helps you with other aspects of ad serving, such as waterfall optimization. The option is quite handy since it allows you to adjust parameters and run optimization every 20 minutes. You can even specify and reprioritize demand tags with this feature, getting you ever closer to that perfect fill rate!

2. Xandr

xandr video ad network logo

If you’ve been a publisher for quite some time, you’ve likely already heard about Xandr under its former name AppNexus. One of the company’s primary services is Video for Publishers. Xandr allows you to be selective regarding the types of advertisers you’ll give your ad inventory to. This video ad network also lets users make direct deals or, if they prefer, settle for a programmatic exchange. Xandr also supports various video units, such as instream and outstream ads, so you’ll have plenty of options. They also provide video header bidding, which is always a plus in publishers’ eyes!   

With the option to package and sell inventory, publishers may fine-tune their ad strategy however they see fit. This service has other handy products and features too, like real-time reporting and much more.

3. SpotX

spotx video ad network logo

SpotX is one of the most sought-after ad networks on the market today, and there’s an excellent reason for that. This network currently serves nearly three billion video ads each month and brings highly advanced publisher solutions to the table. SpotX offers a broad set of features, including price floor optimization, bid activity reporting, multi-currency reporting, and more

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this ad network is that its CPM can even go as high as $10. SpotX readily focuses on pushing the limits of max fill and ad yield, which is often reason enough to send publishers their way. 

While pushing programmatic advertising solutions, this network is also gradually marching into the enterprise OTT territory.

4. Brid.TV Marketplace

brid.tv video ad network logo

Brid.TV Marketplace is a new video ad provider in the industry that helps publishers monetize their websites and videos and maximize ad revenue. Brid.TV Marketplace gives publishers access to state-of-the-art programmatic video advertising technology and various ad formats (both instream and outstream video). 

But the best part about this ad network is that it offers easy integration with the Brid.TV video platform. That means publishers won’t need to go through the hassle of looking for a video hosting and content management service; instead, they can kill two birds with one stone!

With Brid.TV Marketplace, publishers will also get extensive real-time analytics, automated reporting features, and a dedicated ad optimization team to optimize their creatives. This aspiring ad network supports monetization on both desktop and mobile devices, which is something publishers will find quite handy.

5. Verizon Media

verizon media ad network logo

The Oath-Yahoo-AOL AdTech combo provides a real bang for your buck in terms of ad demand. Combining Verizon Media with other services can unlock the doors for publishers toward a self-servable platform to run video ads.

Verizon focuses on allowing users to run outstream video ads on their sites via JS. That will enable publishers to yield higher CPM and leverage their first-party data. Verizon Media’s services also include brand safety tools and other unique benefits. For instance, out of all platforms on the market, you could say that this one is well-optimized for mid-sized and premium publishers.

6. Google AdSense for Video & Google AdX

google ad manager logo

Google Network serves automatic text, image, video, or interactive media ads. The only drawback of signing up to Google AdSense is that it requires your domain or site already to have a significant history and consistency in quality content that connects with audiences. On the bright side, there are no minimum traffic requirements!

AdSense for content features numerous monetization solutions for publishers, including “AdSense for video.” That involves the implementation of a sample video player through the IMA SDK. After that, there’s a short approval period, and once it passes, you’ll be able to get high CPM rates from AdSense for video (reportedly getting up to around $15 CPM if you have tier-one traffic). 

Your earnings will greatly depend on whether you have an established domain and reach the right audiences. One of the most imposing restrictions of Google AdSense, though, is that 40% of your video content must have over two million impressions monthly. Another crucial factor to keep in mind is that your videos mustn’t be present or hosted on YouTube because the platform isn’t eligible for AdSense for video (as you probably know, YouTube has the YouTube partner program for monetizing video content). 

Google has also rocked the online video advertising marketing with Google Ad Manager. The benefits of this particular service are vast. Some of its most notable features include Google ADX demand, superior ad quality, smooth ad optimization, top monetization on mobile and desktop, customizable in-house ad analytics, and more.

7. OpenX

OpenX SSP platform logo

Focusing on ad networks or Google AdX is all fine and well. However, SSPs or supply-side platforms like OpenX utilize an ad exchange connected to hundreds of demand-side platforms. As an SSP, OpenX has made it to the industry’s forefront by serving huge clients like Vice and boosting their ad revenue.

Bear in mind that there are specific traffic requirements for solutions and services like OpenX — in this case, over ten million monthly page views. Some of the services that OpenX offers are OpenX Ad Exchange, Mobile App Monetization, Programmatic Direct Deals, and more.

Diversifying Revenue Options Is Crucial to Success

Being a publisher in today’s rapidly evolving market means you have to be ready to make compromises and test new things all the time. It also means you should diversify your revenue options. Utilizing one or more of these best video ad networks together with the big guns like Facebook and Google will give you the best odds of expanding and evolving your business.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one (or more) of these ad networks and reap the benefits! While you’re at it, why not start with Brid.TV Marketplace? Talk to us, and we’ll help you get started!