Video Content Management, Video Upload, Video Hosting, Video Encoding

Manage and Encode Video Content in One Place

Enjoy the benefits of the crisp and intuitive BridTV dashboard, which helps you create, host and encode your entire video library.

Multiple Video Upload

Rely on our slick video upload form to batch upload multiple videos at once. Continue your work inside the BridTV CMS, while videos upload in the background.

Video Encoding

Reap the benefits of lightning-fast encoding. We have multiple-tiered encoding systems that swiftly and accurately encode any import format to an appropriate output. An additional facet here is that BridTV also encodes your video into adaptive HLS streams.

Create and Manage Dynamic Playlists

Choose between user-created playlists or start implementing dynamic playlists like: latest video feed, video playlist by tag and video playlist by channel.

MRSS Feed Import

Quickly import thousands of videos into Brid by providing our system a simple MRSS video feed containing meta data of your videos. Automatically categorize videos during the import process into playlists. Set up a timer, which will instruct our system to automatically pull any new videos that appear in your feed.

Playlist Widget

Add all of your video content into a single entity in Brid, and easily share them to multiple web properties you’ve included in the CMS. Set up custom user permissions for your sub-accounts.

Import YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Provide our CMS with a direct URL to a YouTube or Vimeo video, and our system will fetch your video and prepare it for embedding.

Customize Your Video Player

Numerous options for layer customization are available. Custom-tailor your BridTV video player to suit your brand, as well as the appearance of each of your websites.

Additional Publisher Benefits

Streamlining and upgrading our video technology has allowed us to offer a variety of extremely helpful options for publishers:

Secure Signed URLs
With 'Signed URLs' the name of the game here is "safety." When hosting your own videos with BridTV, signed URLs offer you protection of your video content.
Implement custom callback methods when certain events happen in BridTV. Know exactly when a video has finished uploading or when deleted, etc.
Shared Library
Easily share your entire video library to any number of web properties inside BridTV and set user-specific permissions upon them.
Custom Channels
Create, customize and categorize your own video content any way you see fit. Apart from using standard categories such as Entertainment, Sports, Cooking and so on, you can implement your custom categories to suit your content strategy.
Snapshot Management
Upload custom starting snapshots for your videos, grab snapshots from your video timeline and replace them as needed.

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