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JW vs Brightcove vs BridTV

The online video scene is like a constantly changing, constantly evolving field where publishers and various business owners keep looking for new ways to break through and make an impact. Finding your own way to success in a market that is overflowing with competition is quite possible and it may be easier than you think. Things may get a bit challenging along the way, that is until you find your bearings. The key thing is to crystalize your objective. When you’re looking to compete on the B2B market, video advertising is the key that opens all doors. It’s probably one of the best forms of monetization.

But that’s not the only area that’s expanding. For example, IAB noted that programmatic video buying is also gaining traction. According to their findings, based on data that was gathered from 358 agencies and marketers 45% of digital video ad spend was bought programmatically in 2017. Meanwhile, an increasing number of publishers are investing well over $1 million per year on digital advertising.

These are all valid reasons why, as a publisher, you should start to get to know the scene of the programmatic video. In addition, in the process of creating a video or being on the lookout for alternative monetization platforms is your best bet, as opposed to traditional video advertising. Publishers need to focus on video ad units, video ad networks, video header bidding, and various other factors that denote utilizing a reliable video platform.
In this modern-day video landscape, it’s certainly not an easy task having to choose the right video platform for your B2B efforts.

Streaming video services are well on their way to surpassing TV as the preferred way to watch content. Also, a year ago, it was discovered that in the United States over 50% of adults under 30 used streaming rather than traditional tv. Video streaming platforms and similar services are becoming more and more popular. That’s why we have taken the time to assemble a video player comparison for publishers who are still weighing their options.
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JW Player

JW PlayerJW is essentially an all-around video player that is no doubt one of the most popular choices for businesses who want to dive headfirst into the world of video content monetization. When you take a closer look at JW, you’ll find that as a publisher, most of your needs will be met. And the truth is, when starting out, this is what a majority of small businesses is seeking. On that front, JW is a very good choice.

While the platform provides support premium licenses, they also boast an increasing developer community, which drives organic support through web forums. Meanwhile, you should bear in mind that some media integrations are restricted to in-video social sharing widgets, as well as player compatibility with said platforms.

Still, JW is a solid choice because it is very easy to get into, and is incredibly user-friendly and overall intuitive, which is something that’ll hook clients right off the bat. It even involves simplified pricing models, so you can create your own video strategy in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, you might want to consider pulling the reins a bit before plunging further. JW denotes certain storage limits and other limits. It may sound unimportant at first, but if you are a publisher determined to make the most out of features like encoding files and uploading HD videos, this could be an issue with JW. Other limits include not supporting older OS and older devices, such as iOS 9 and others.

Another thing that might ward off publishers is certain complexity. For those who wish to utilize the services of this particular platform beyond standard video hosting and video player tech, (like live streaming capabilities) they might need advanced or expert knowledge in online video platforms. That’s not exactly the case with Brightcove or BridTV.

The quick lowdown of JW Player:

  • Video cloud: yes
    Streaming service: yes
  • White Label: yes
    Multi-bitrate live streaming: yes
  • Analytics: yes
    Ad tag macros support: yes
  • Ad tag macros with user IP, latitude, longitude: no
  • Autoplay ad support for older devices (iOS < 9): no.


BrightcoveBrightcove is very much an obvious choice here. The high-end online video platform gives you a chance to increase viewership and to cater to it thanks to a variety of features. Involving a variety of welcoming facets that are great for every publisher, from consulting, strategy and design services, Brightcove is at the top of the game.
While it does offer an assortment of features for the publishers, including streaming service, and video cloud, there’s still the question of pricing, but we’ll get to that. When it comes to video monetization Brightcove has a VOD product that makes it straightforward to monetize and analyze content utilizing multiple devices. The content is easily integrated and compiled to create a single URL, allowing viewers to access the URL using any device – plain and simple.

Of course, with Brightcove, you also get the standard pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, and in addition, offers a personal experience to viewers. It gives a very solid monetization window, especially for bigger businesses. One of Brightcove’s most prominent features is its video cloud service, which offers top-notch delivery capabilities, suitable for high-quality streaming video on any desktop, device, or TV. This particular feature includes bundled CDN services, as well as stream encryption (RTMPe) as a safeguard against pirating and ripping.

Brightcove offers three categories of services: Marketing, Enterprise Communications, and Monetization. The Monetization service is the one focused on streaming with advertising through the platform’s Video Cloud. The Marketing services package, which includes video marketing tools and analytics will cost you $199 and the Enterprise Communications kicks off at $499 per month, offering features like advanced security and unlimited scale, etc.

Brightcove designs its Video Cloud plans for businesses and thus have custom pricing. Interested customers need to contact Brightcove directly to inquire about pricing options.

The quick lowdown of Brightcove

  • Video cloud: yes
    Streaming service: yes
  • White Label: yes
    Multi-bitrate live streaming: yes
  • Analytics: yes
    Ad tag macros support: yes
  • Ad tag macros with user IP, latitude, longitude: no


BridTVWhen it comes to serving ads with content, nowadays publishers are looking for simple systems, and reliability, not to mention performance and speed. In recent tests and during research, BridTV has proven to be considerably faster than, say JW. This is something that will no doubt appeal to many clients.
In addition to that, this particular video platform has increasingly comprehensive ad support. Furthermore, a proprietary ad parser, which offers support for the VAST 4.0 standard, and most publishers are bound to appreciate the broadened support for diverse third-party programmatic vendors.

Another welcomed addition is diversity when it comes to setting up the player’s ad monetization; for instance, autoplay if there is an ad, autoplay when in view and so on. Various users and platform clients mentioned a helpful support team, something that’s not always the case with other video platforms.

When it comes to BridTV, one of the biggest advantages publishers can make the most out of is the pricing. It’s not that you get a cheap offer. It’s far from it. What you can expect at the very least is a quality product and team of seasoned veterans behind it. Also, utilizing BridTV, if a publisher has a 100% fill rate, 100,000 ad plays would incur around 8GB of data (for example 10c per GB, which just below $1 for platform usage). That’s a pretty good deal when considering other options, such as JW, where publishers dish out 83$ per month for 100k ad plays for the first paid tier ads.

The quick lowdown of BridTV

  • VAST 4.0 standard: yes
  • Video cloud: no (BridTV CMS)
    Autoplay when in view: yes
  • HTML 5 Feature-rich: yes
  • Autoplay ad support for older devices (iOS < 9): yes
  • Ad tag macros support: yes
  • Ad tag macros with user IP, latitude, longitude: yes
  • White Label: yes
    Analytics: yes
  • Multi-bitrate live streaming: yes

Making the Right Choice

There’s only but a handful of things you need to consider when choosing the right video platform or CMS for business. Regardless of what you’re considering live streaming, general features, pricing, monetization opportunities or other, as a publisher you have most likely boiled down your business strategy to two simple things: performance and ROI.

The options are right in front of you, now it’s time to go for the right one. Today’s online video market offers video platforms such as Brightcove, BridTV and JW Player, with each service offering its own benefits, prices, and features.

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