Fine-Tune Your Video Player With Advanced Configuration Options | Brid.TV

Fine-Tune Your Video Player’s Behavior for Optimal User Experience

Make your player the center of attention.


Configure Playback to Suit Your Business Needs

Choose between various playback options to optimize for ad visibility and user experience across all devices.


  • When only 50% in view
  • Only if an ad is present
  • Only on desktop
  • On Wi-Fi only


  • When video out of view
  • When ad out of view

Additional Playback Options

Play Ads Muted

Set Start Volume

Stop Playback After Video Ends

Set Continuous Play

Maximize Player Visibility With the Sticky Player Feature

Make your player sticky and have it follow the users as they scroll down the page or manually assign its position to maximize ad viewability.

Special Player Units

Player as In-Content Outstream Unit

Have your player appear in the heart of editorial content after users scroll down to it on any device.

In-Slide Outstream Unit

Have your player enter the user's view from a designated corner of the page without obstructing its content.

Player as Carousel Unit

Have your player act like a carousel unit and make custom videos even if you don’t have any video content. Pull featured images from different article URLs or dynamically from an RSS feed to make animated videos.

Take Full Control of Your Video Player’s Behavior.