What Is a Nano Influencer: Your Road to a Cost-Effective Strategy
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What Is a Nano Influencer: Promote Your Brand on a Budget

What Is a Nano Influencer: Your Road to a Cost-Effective Strategy

Over the last two decades, it’s safe to say that social media has become an integral part of our lives. Not only that, but it has also turned into the most effective way for brands to reach new and existing customers. With over 3.7 billion social media users worldwide, marketers can’t ignore these networks today.

As more and more users joined social media platforms, many of them had an opportunity to transform their lives and become content creators themselves. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the huge popularity of social media in today’s world. As content creators, they needed to create photos, videos, and other content types that would encourage users to engage.

And this is how a new occupation was born — social media influencers. As people were able to identify themselves with these influencers, they quickly gained power to affect purchase decisions and move consumers down the sales funnel. Naturally, this made social media influencers quite important for marketers. In fact, according to some reports, the influencer marketing industry is set to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022.

When developing your influencer marketing strategy, you might think that you should approach only the biggest names in the business. After all, their posts reach a wider audience, so they’ll get you the best return on your investment. However, you shouldn’t underestimate those with smaller communities. They can help you connect with consumers who are more likely to purchase from your brand!

We’re talking about nano influencers! But, what is a nano influencer? Why should you collaborate with them? Discover all the answers below!

Types of Social Media Influencers

With the explosion of social media, brands have launched many influencer marketing campaigns, looking to persuade new customers to buy their products or services. It’s become difficult for brands to build trust simply through traditional methods of advertising and paid online ads. They need someone people believe in and whose recommendation will nudge them towards an e-commerce or brick and mortar store where they will make a purchase.

Today, that someone is a social media influencer. This person has the ability to impact purchase decisions and get customers to see why a particular brand would be beneficial for them. Indeed, 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. Additionally, almost 50% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. These figures show the growing importance of social media influencers for companies that want to connect with their target audience.

Furthermore, as a marketer, you need to be aware of four types of influencers who are categorized depending on their following base on the internet:

What we’ve seen over the years is that brands think they should only focus on mega influencers. These individuals have the largest number of followers who are interested in different things. However, they have one disadvantage. They are not that close with the individual members of their followership.

In case they can’t get the biggest names, marketers often try to collaborate with macro influencers. In general, they are more connected with their audience than their mega counterparts.

But, if you want someone who can have an impact on their friends and family and their community, however small it may be, you should look for a nano influencer.

What is a nano influencer? Let’s find out!

What Is a Nano Influencer?

A nano influencer is a social media publisher and content creator who has anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. They are distinguished from others because of their specificity and expertise in a particular area. Although a relatively new type of social media influencers, nano influencers have quickly gained popularity on the internet.

When you look at their social media accounts, they come across as being a guy or girl next door. This image is exactly what helps them exert a huge impact on their communities. Indeed, nano influencers are like your regular everyday people who have the ability and power to persuade their small group of followers to purchase a brand’s product or service. Most of the time they achieve this through user-generated content.

What’s more, nano influencers stand out because they post about specific topics. For instance, some of them might talk about adult acne or how a particular product helped them solve a specific problem. Their audience is extremely interested in what they post. Indeed, the main reason why customers turn to them is because of their expertise on niche topics. That’s why many companies have increasingly started to turn to nano influencers!

Nano Influencers: The Most Popular Influencer Tier

If someone asked you which influencer tier is the most popular, you’d probably say the mega one. And we’d agree with your logic. After all, mega influencers are at the top of the chain, with millions of followers.

However, it’s not all about the size of the community. There’s also something in expertise and knowledge. And those who work with nano influencers would definitely agree with this statement!

Furthermore, one report revealed that 76% of marketing specialists worked with nano influencers. This goes to show that they are the most in-demand tier for brand collaborations! Who came in second? Micro influencers!

The most obvious reason why a brand would choose a nano influencer instead of anyone else is that they generate high engagement rates. In fact, 69% of marketers state nano influencers boosted consumer engagement with their brand. Whether through an Instagram post or an engaging tweet, a nano influencer can get customers to check out your company and what you have to offer! As a result, you can expect high levels of engagement.

Now that we know the answer to the question “What is a nano influencer,” it’s time we examine why your brand should collaborate with one! 

Why Should You Work With Nano Influencers?

The new kid on the block in the social media marketing world is the nano influencer. As we now know, this is a content creator with less than 10,000 followers. That number doesn’t sound like much, but their influence within a particular community is powerful. So, yes, their reach is low, however, they can make a tight-knit community realize why they need your product or service. Your brand can benefit from this level of intimacy nano influencers form with their followers!

Today, customers don’t want to look at only sponsored posts that don’t appear genuine at all. They want real stories, experiences, and relatable content. In a nutshell, customers want to connect with real people who are looking for brands that can solve their mutual problem. Many of them can’t find this on the accounts of the biggest social media content creators.

Luckily for brands, though, there are nano influencers who come across as relatable and genuine to consumers.

So, why should you work with nano influencers? In short, because of the below benefits.

They Have a Close Relationship With Their Community

Out of all influencer tiers, nano influencers have the strongest bond with their followers. They nurture one-on-one communication, interacting with their community in private messages, responding to their comments, and sharing personal experiences. This creates a more intimate and engaging environment.

They Are Trustworthy

A nano influencer is someone social media users view as a friend. They are like buddies we turn to when we need some recommendations relating to beauty, travel, or anything else. And these content creators are aware of this. That’s why they are more careful about what they post and recommend on their accounts. They don’t want to disappoint their audience!

Your brand has a huge advantage here. Specifically, your product or service will get endorsed by someone who has a complete trust and loyalty from a specific audience.

They Have Higher Engagement Rates

As we previously said, nano influencers have higher engagement rates. Indeed, nano influencers enjoy an engagement rate of 7.2% on Instagram compared to only the 1.1% engagement rate that accounts with over 100,000 followers generate. 

What’s more, engagement rate is beneficial for reach on social media. The higher the engagement rate, the higher the number of social media users who will find a specific post.

They Are Relevant and Valuable for Your Brand

In general, nano influencers like to collaborate with brands they love. Even off social media, they purchase products from these brands and they feel quite connected with them. Working with brands they respect makes them create posts that will present those brands in the best light possible.

They Are Cost-Effective

According to one research, 44% of smaller influencers prefer monetary compensation. The majority of nano influencers are more interested in trading goods and services. If you want them to promote your brand, your only job is to send them a product in exchange for their services. This makes them quite cost-effective for brands. So, if you have a small marketing budget, you know who you can collaborate with to increase engagement!

Choose a Nano Influencer

In the past, most marketers only wanted to collaborate with those content creators who had a large following. However, this practice has been mainly abandoned by brands. Nowadays they search for publishers who are trusted and respected by their audience — whether or not they have millions of followers isn’t important.

A nano influencer is truly dedicated to what they do and brands they collaborate with. They are all about advocating for things in which they believe. Your brand and a nano influencer can grow together, introducing your products or services to more customers.