Pinterest TV: A Live Shopping Experience Within Pinterest
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What Is Pinterest TV and Why Is It Useful?

Pinterest TV

It’s no secret that social media has revolutionized the way we shop today. Our favorite apps to connect with family and friends have become a tool we use to browse products and make a purchase. Instagram is no longer only about posting or liking photos or videos — it’s an e-commerce powerhouse that features shoppable posts. And following in this giant’s footsteps is Pinterest, which launched Pinterest TV in early November.

Pinterest decided to jump on the social commerce bandwagon, and we’re not surprised. After all, there were almost 80 million social buyers in the USA in 2020, which marked a 30% surge from the previous year.

On its part, Pinterest has 478 million monthly active users. The network is looking to turn a portion of these users into buyers with the latest feature it developed. And industry experts believe it can achieve this goal. Internet users visit Pinterest to find and save inspiring ideas in categories like home, beauty, and food. Through the app’s latest advancement in shopping, consumers can purchase products in these and other categories while watching a live stream.

As Pinterest TV is a new feature, we’ll explain what it is and why it is useful for both content creators and customers.

Pinterest TV: Shoppable Live Streams

Pinterest TV is a series of live shows starring content creators who discuss various topics with their viewers. It includes a chat feature, meaning viewers can ask questions and participate in the broadcast. This can result in engagement going through the roof! Pinterest TV episodes are added every day. The audience can watch them in real-time or on-demand — whichever works best for them.

What’s more, the most notable part of the feature is the fact that episodes are shoppable. Creators have a chance to showcase and link to products during the course of their streams, as well as offer discounts in collaboration with brands. Customers can then view and purchase those products from a retailer’s website.

This very much resembles some popular at-home shopping channels, but the experience is more immersive in that viewers can interact with creators and start a Q&A session on the spot.

On top of everything, products will drop in a live shopping setting each Friday. It is here that Pinterest users can take advantage of various discounts from brands such as All Birds, Outdoor Voices, Crown Affair, and more.

Pinterest TV is the latest feature that is leveraging the popularity of live stream shopping. According to one research, this type of e-commerce is expected to grow to $25 billion in sales in the USA by 2023.

Why Is Pinterest’s Latest Feature Useful?

It’s safe to say that Pinterest TV introduces a new level of immediate interaction and shopping activity into the popular app. All of this has become available just in time for the holiday season and shopping madness.

As you’re watching a particular live stream, your selected host will have a shopping toolbox that enables live shopping experiences. Consumers will see a product drawer with prices and product details and get information on stock availability and discounts. This elevates the whole shopping experience to the next level.

Here are other reasons why Pinterest TV is useful for content creators, brands, and customers:

  • Ability to get fresh, live inspiration: Once a broadcast starts, consumers will discover fresh inspiration from a variety of Pinterest creators.
  • Chance to change your life: Each Pinterest TV episode is focused on a different category. So, customers can get tips on food, home, fashion, and more.
  • Interaction with creators: A live experience is beneficial to both creators and customers as they can hold a Q&A session, thus answering all the burning questions.
  • Access to exclusive deals: Brands can especially profit from Pinterest TV as they can increase brand awareness and attract potential customers to their products. If they want to move customers down the sales funnel, they can reveal special discounts while introducing a product.
  • Live stream or on-demand: Social media platforms now emphasize live experiences in order to engage and keep users on the apps. With Pinterest’s new feature, viewers can watch live streams in real-time or on-demand. This means that audiences won’t miss a broadcast, regardless of when they are tuning in.

Pinterest TV has been created with brands, creators, and customers in mind. All sides can benefit from a live experience that presents products in a new, more engaging way.

Pinterest TV: Taking the Shopping Experience to the Next Level

As consumer needs and expectations have grown over the years, brands have had to find new ways to attract and retain customers. With technology advancing, it has become easier to engage diverse audiences. Leading the way are social media platforms like Pinterest that come up with innovative features that can increase sales for brands.

Let’s see how other brands will implement Pinterest TV in their social media strategies!